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ONDO BY-ELECTION: Hon. Afolami Olabomi’s Manifesto on Education

ONDO BY-ELECTION: Hon. Afolami Olabomi’s Manifesto on Education

According to Bloom’s taxonomy of education, there are three domains of learning, which are the cognitive, psychomotor and affective domain. The fusion of these three domains are essential in shaping the educational journey of a child. True education is the key to building a sound mind. A sound mind is a mind that thinks, reasons, and acts in an acceptable way not different from the norms and culture of the society. In a nutshell, I will ensure that every child is educated to socially participate, academically compete, and intellectually engage, in planned activities that will foster their overall growth and wellness in all aspects of life.


In the Nigerian labor market, the teaching profession has been generously written off amongst other successful professions. The idea that teachers are the makers of the nation has gone into extinction and the regard for the teaching profession has been ridiculously low. While these stigma on the teaching profession is still without national confrontation, I will ensure that the teachers under my jurisdiction are given adequate professional trainings. This would be possible through periodic organization of teachers’ workshops, professional teachers’ conference. I believe these trainings would equip our teachers not only the art of pedagogy, but also develop their overall wellbeing and understanding of the teaching profession.


One of the key facilities in ensuring quality education for our children is a conducive environment with adequate facilities. Agreeably, most of our academic institutions lack adequate instructional facilities. It is in my best interest to revamp the dilapidated facilities, maintain the existing ones, and construct modern infrastructures to facilitate a conducive learning environment in order to ensure quality education.

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One of the most neglected facilities that enhance the cognitive aspect of learning is the library and laboratory. A great man once said “Knowledge is power”. A library is a store house of knowledge that is meant to be accessible to anyone who desires to be knowledgeable. A laboratory is the practical aspect of learning. It involves the transfer of theoretical knowledge into physical practical activities. To ensure quality education for our children, I will make sure to build standard libraries and ensure that the laboratories are adequately equipped with the appropriate practical instruments. The library will be filled with books, articles, research works, which will help our children acquire more knowledge globally.



In our world today, it is that required that every individual should have at least a skill to ensure survival in this country. To ensure this, I will facilitate the establishment of technical schools, workshops, entrepreneural activities, in each town of Akoko North where practical training would be acquired by students. Apprenticeship with Artisans by students during long vacation would be encouraged and fully supported.

This is to ensure that our children are given an all-round growth, both academically and in building self-development.



Sports events such as inter-house sports would be encouraged within schools in each town of Akoko North. This would, on the long run, culminate into inter-school sports competition. This event would help to build the physique, agility, and competitive nature of our children. The purpose of this event is to scout for talents who would be given bigger opportunities to participate in state, national competitions and foreign sport tournaments.


The Yorubas are known for their deep-rooted cultural heritage which has transcended generations till date. However, with civilization gradually taking away our cultures, I fear that our children might grow up one day forgetting where they have come from; that our culture, which has been passed from generations to generations, might become extinct. To allay these fears, I will show particular interest in developing and maintaining our cultural heritage. Akoko is very rich in culture. Our dances, folks songs, dressings, food, arts and crafts would be preserved through activities that would foster the exhibition of our cultural festivals.

If the young ones could be made to see the importance of our culture, we would be succeeding in our much desired cultural renaissance.

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