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Reps 2023: Why Akinyele/Lagelu Fed Constituency Will No Longer Squander Their Mandate On Bench-Warmers


Reps 2023: Why Akinyele/Lagelu Fed Constituency Will No Longer Squander Their Mandate On Bench-Warmers

|Peter Ogunbileje|

As a leader, there are intrinsically fundamental qualities that are necessary if one must succeed as a generationally accepted efficient leader. First, you must be abreast of the challenges and rights of your people. You must know them and they must know you. That is accessibility. For Hon. Agbaakin Olalere Akinrinde, he has a comprehension of the numerous issues affecting his people.

He is very much accessible. He is very much accessible to the members of his party at the grassroots, and in a larger perspective, to his constituents. And when elected, he won’t stop. The ambition of Agbaakin Olalere Akinrinde comes along with a vivid understanding of what the people need and what they want to achieve as a society that is fit for all, irrespective of ethnic, religious or gender considerations.


As we approach the 2023 general elections, the people of Akinyele/Lagelu federal constituency in Oyo State have heaved a sigh of relief with the emergence of Agbaakin Olalere Akinrinde as the candidate of the Social Democratic Party, SDP, into the race to represent them in the House of Representatives.

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Over the years, we have endured the rhetoric; we have endured the theatrics, and have accommodated inexplicable level of misrule and misrepresentation. And I wish to state without any fear of equivocation or contradiction, that the Akinyele/Lagelu Federal Constituency as a people will no longer squander their mandate on bench-warmers.

With all we have lost in the recent past, we cannot afford to waste another four years. Akinyele/Lagelu cannot be blessed with such competent people as Agbaakin Olalere Akinrinde and still be experimenting on misfits.”

The race to reclaim Akinyele/Lagelu Federal Constituency befits a man who has the intellectual capacity, firmness of purpose and the boldness to make good laws and effectively represent his people.

He is out to serve his people. He love to help the less privileged. He know what it means not to have. He feel the pains of those in need. And his interest is to serve. The records of his good deeds are visible. He has always had the interest of his people at heart. We have no doubt that if voted in, he will excel and shine like a million stars.

As the candidate of the SDP for the seat of the Akinyele/Lagelu Federal Constituency in the National Assembly, Agbaakin Olalere Akinrinde is all out to get things done for a seamless victory. The desire to serve is intact; he is passionate about it and by the grace of God, he will serve the good people of his federal constituency from 2023.


Support Agbaakin Olalere Akinrinde 4 Lagelu/Akinyele Federal Constituency.

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