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INTERVIEW: Our Plan Is To Surpass The Old Glory Of TCTC, Dikko Says

INTERVIEW: Our Plan Is To Surpass The Old Glory Of TCTC, Dikko Says

As the positive impact of Oyo State Pace Setter Transport Services continues to be appreciated, the Chairman and Sole Administrator of the company, Hon. (Dr) Ibraheem Oladeji Salami Dikko has announced that Pace Setter Transport Services is poised to surpass the former glory of TCTC.

Hon. Salami Dikko made this statement in an interview he had with the ace broadcaster, Mayor Isaac Brown.

Hon. Salami Dikko emphasized that transportation is the driving force of the economy and a means through which economic hardships for the masses can be alleviated.

He is pleased to announce that PTS has expanded its routes to include 20 routes.

Hon. Dikko, who has been in office for just 1 month and 6days, mentioned that PTS has increased its fleets of shuttle from 5 buses to 30 buses in the Ibadan metropolis, he has expanded 10 buses to other zones, following the approval of Gov. Seyi Makinde.

Furthermore, Hon. Salami Dikko pledged that an additional 6 buses to aid their intracity would be deployed to other zones by Monday, August 4, 2023, making a total of 46 buses within the state.

The Chairman and Sole Administrator, Dikko, confidently stated that Pace Setter Transport Services now carries 11,700 passengers per day in the Ibadan metropolis.

When asked about PTS’s contribution to Governor Makinde’s safety plans, Hon. Dikko explained that they have reduced the economic burden on the masses, charging only half of what commercial transport services charge. This pricing applies to all routes within Ibadan metropolis and across Oyo State.

“Since assumption into office, we have hired 25 drivers and 25 ticketing staff, with plans to employ more, aiming to have 80 buses in operation by year-end. We are committed to maintaining our momentum beyond Governor Seyi Makinde’s safety plans,” he declared.

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“PTS plans to expand its services to inter-city operations, facilitating travel to other states in Nigeria.”

“Our ultimate goal is to surpass the former glory of TCTC and ensure that PTS stands the test of time through Sustainable Action for Economic Recovery,” Hon. Dikko affirmed.

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