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Chairman PTS, Dikko is Unwrapping Digital Vision Beyond SAfER, Transforming The Transport System to an Elastic Sustainable Action For Economic Recovery

By Moyosoreoluwa Olamilekan Eldreez


It is no more a news that fuel subsidy is gone as declared by Mr President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and it negative effects is visible for all to see but we all believed that better days ahead.

Sequel to the mandate given by His Excellency Engr Seyi Makinde , the Executive Governor of Oyo on how to soften, provision of succor and relief to the hardship caused by Fuel Subsidy Removal (FSR) that had impacted negatively on the state of our national economy as well affecting our global market.

Recall, that Gov Makinde in his statewide broadcast emphasized basically on transportation system while he promised to reduce fare and give room for our people to move from one place to another seamlessly at a subsidized rate, thereby giving opportunity to other zones in Oyo State to have a benefit on the use of OMITUNTUN Mass Transit under the Pacesetters Transport Services(PTS) Company.

Just few days ago, committee in charge of the transportation system under the SAfER sub committee as inaugurated visited the Chairman and Sole Administrator of Oyo State PTS, Hon (Dr) Oladeji Dikko Salami to discuss the possibility and modalities on how this can go smoothly without any compromise so as to serve the purpose as mandate given by the SAfER Committee Chairman, Hon. Ogunwuyi Segun Ebenezer, Chief of Staff to Mr Governor.

Today, I can confirm to you that, the Chairman and Sole Administrator PTS, Hon. (Dr.) Ibraheem Oladeji Salami DIKKO had implemented the mandate by stationing the OMT across other zones like, Oyo, Iseyin, Saki, Ogbomosho and Ibarapa with affordable subsidized fare respectively.

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Beyond SAfER program, the Chairman and Sole Administrator PTS, Hon. Dikko Salami is committed to redefining, restructuring, reforming and Transforming the Transport System into the global wealth creation community as well creating creative jobs, opportunities and giving room to investors on Alternative Funding Approach, Public Private Partnership and Independent Partnership Memorandum for an effective and sustainable Development in our dear state.

From what I can see and seeing in the eyes of the leadership of Hon. Dikko, I see him working on a blueprint of digitalization by focusing on several key areas such as :

1. Embracing emerging technologies: Chairman PTS is actively promoting the adoption and implementation of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, and the Internet of Things. These technologies have the potential to revolutionize various industries and drive digital transformation.

2. Promoting digital inclusion: Chairman PTS is committed to bridging the digital divide and ensuring that everyone has access to digital technologies and services. This includes initiatives to provide affordable internet, online ticketing access, digital skills training, and support for underserved communities.

3. Encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship: Chairman PTS is fostering a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship by providing a conducive environment for startups and technology companies. This includes creating favorable policies, offering incentives, and facilitating collaboration between industry and academia.

Overall, Chairman PTS is unwrapping a digital vision that aims to harness the power of technology for the benefit of society, while also addressing the challenges and risks associated with the digital world.

Believing in Hon. Dr. Ibraheem Oladeji Salami DIKKO on his leadership as the Chairman and Sole Administrator PTS is like leaving your House Gate Open without fear of any intruders. May Hon Dikko Succeed.

Egalitarian Dig. Com. Moyosoreoluwa Olamilekan Eldreez codenamed IJOBA AUTHORITY MOE Dynasty World-Wide writes from the home of Generals Ibadan North East World

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