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Global Demand: Top 7 Tech Jobs of 2024 – Salaries REVEALED

Global Demand: Top 7 Tech Jobs of 2024 – Salaries REVEALED


Are you still contemplating to shift into a tech career, here is a guide to the hottest tech jobs, ranked by top salary brackets. The jobs mentioned in this list fulfill the following criteria:

High demand outweighing the supply of skilled workers – a sure shot at employment.

Global demand ensuring opportunities abound worldwide.

Affordable learning pathways, preventing substantial debt accrual.

Future-proof, with a slim chance of being usurped by AI technologies in the near future.

1. Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Starting our list is the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engineer, a role in high demand with an attractive average salary of $150,000 annually in the US.

Entry-level roles offer around $118,000, whereas seasoned professionals can earn upwards of $200,000 yearly. Companies like Adobe and Amazon are on a continuous lookout for skilled AI professionals.


Data Handling: Gathering and preparing data for AI model training, including cleaning and preprocessing.

Algorithm Selection: Choosing suitable machine learning algorithms and AI techniques based on problem specifics.

Training and Optimization: Improving machine learning algorithms through iterative training and optimization.

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2. IoT Engineer

Next up is the IoT Engineer, a role that brings in around $130,000 annually on average in the US, with experienced professionals earning up to $160,000.


Device Design: Creating IoT devices, ranging from simple sensors to complex smart appliances.

Embedded Systems: Developing embedded software enabling data collection, processing, and transmission.

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Data Management: Establishing systems to handle data generated by IoT devices.

3. Cloud Engineer

In the third position is the Cloud Engineer with an average yearly salary of $131,000 in the US.

This role entails designing and implementing cloud-based solutions.


Cloud Infrastructure Design: Crafting cloud-based system architecture and setting up infrastructure to meet organizational needs.

Deployment: Creating and deploying virtual servers, containers, and databases.

Automation: Developing scripts and tools for efficient resource management.

4. Data Scientist

Ranking fourth is the Data Scientist role, offering an average annual salary of $128,000 in the US.


Data Collection and Cleaning: Gathering and preparing data for analysis.

Exploratory Data Analysis: Visualizing data to identify patterns and insights for further analysis.

Predictive Analytics: Building models to anticipate future trends based on past data.

5. Cyber Security Analyst

Next is the Cyber Security Analyst, securing an average salary of $109,000 per annum in the US.


Monitoring and Detection: Using tools to monitor networks and systems for security breaches.

Incident Response: Developing plans to address security incidents.

Vulnerability Assessment: Identifying potential vulnerabilities in the system and network infrastructure.

6. Software Engineer

The sixth position is held by the Software Engineer, a long-standing role offering an average annual salary of $108,000 in the US.


Software Design: Collaborating to design software solutions meeting business and user needs.

Coding: Implementing software functionalities through programming languages like Python, Java, or JavaScript.

Testing: Executing test plans to ensure the software performs as intended and fixing bugs.

7. UI/UX Designer

Concluding the list is the UI/UX Designer, drawing an average yearly salary of $106,000 in the US.


User Research: Conducting research to understand user behaviors and preferences.

User Personas: Creating fictional representations of users to guide design decisions.

Visual Design: Designing visual elements such as color schemes and typography.

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Choosing the best tech job depends on your current skills and interests. Conduct thorough research, network, and engage in informational interviews to make an informed decision. To stay updated on the latest trends and insights, subscribe to our channel and check out our podcast, Sprint Hard, Iterate Fast.

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