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Why We Must Welcome And Support ‘AMALA FESTIVAL’ – Ifeoluwa Ona Ara

History is not a story but the study of the past event they say. Amala has a very interesting story that stands it out as one of the Yoruba delicacies.

How the delicacy, AMALA got its name can be traced to the way the then royal chefs in Aafin Oyo used ìgbako to beautifully mold it, cut it, and spread it to allow the complementing soup ewedu ,stew, and meat/fish to seat on it giving it a more aesthetic value. A-mó-a-la (Àmàlà) i.e, we mold and cut.

The discovery of ÀMÀLÀ can be traced to the first reign of Alaafin Ajaka at the old Oyo popularly known today as Oyo Katunga, and we were told, it was Alaafin Ajaka’s most loved food, especially when served with Ewédú.

AMALA was so special at that time that only the nobles of Oyo were the ones eating it as a royal delicacy whenever the king hosted them in any of the palace’s special event.

For a long time, AMALA status was royal amongst foods. The growth and birth of many other wealthy individuals made AMALA become popular but only at festive seasons. ‘E shock you?’

It was through artificial intelligence and tradomedical science that Alaafin Abiodun’s reign discovered the medicinal value of Amala hence the saying…

Iyan l’onje
AMALA l’oogun
Aini rara laa j’eko
Kenu madile ni ti guguru

                   Picture of ÀMÀLÀ with EWEDU Soup


It was Bashorun Ogunmola, o wo kembe re bi ija, who popularized Àmàlà at his ojude in Ibadan with new discovery of a soup called, GBEGIRI.

While people will be rushing to have their plate of Amala at ojude Ogunmola, the servers will asked people on queue if they like gbegiri to be added with ewedu & stew, people in their haste will chorused by saying ABULA, which literally means, mix it. It was here d term abula, was patented & derived to mean d mixture of gbegiri ati ewedu.


It was Ibadan people who first people began to eat Amala commercially & from there its fame beginning to expand to wherever Ibadan people went until Amala became “Ari gbetomi”.

It’s worthy of note too that, the first Amala joint was established in Ibadan around Oja’ba axis around 1900 and today, Amala joints in Yorubaland is a multimillion business ventures and has a sizeable workforce that out numbered that of Mr. Biggs, KFC and Chicken republic put together.

So, anytime you are enjoying ur Amala ati abula pelu ponmo ati nkannu, in any Amala joint in Yorubaland, don’t forget those unnamed heros & heroines who discovered this delicacy that made us proud.

AMALA FESTIVAL provides a platform to celebrate our culture, and artificial intelligence. The gathering will offer entertainment, networking, and business opportunities.

ÀMÀLÀ FESTIVAL will hold in the city of IBADAN by November 4th, 2022 at Trans Amusement Park,Ibadan.


Hon(Arc.) Ifeoluwa Akande Ona Ara writes from Ona Ara LG in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria

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