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Why DIKKO and Not Anyone Else? Makinde’s Sought-After Choice || By MOE  

Why DIKKO and Not Anyone Else? Makinde’s Sought-After Choice || By MOE

Those who compete are not complete, for those who serve become servant leaders.”

On July 24, 2023, when the news of Hon. Dr. Ibraheem Oladeji Salami Dikko’s appointment as the immediate Director General for Youth Mobilization at the 2023 general elections for Gov. Seyi Makinde’s second-term bid broke to the public, it seemed like a daydream.

Without delay, he, known for his diligence, swung into action by resuming on July 25, 2023, to familiarize himself with the system and understand the challenges it presented.

He was empowered to serve as the Chairman/Sole Administrator of PTS Oyo State, marking the first time this position had been held alongside chairmanship since the company’s inception.

Many friends, colleagues, and well-wishers from various backgrounds were astonished and confused by this appointment. They hadn’t expected Dikko to be chosen for this role, assuming he would serve as the HC for Youth and Sports of Oyo State.

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In retrospect, it became clear to everyone that Hon. Ibraheem was now the Chairman and Sole Administrator of PaceSetter Transport Services in Oyo State. His mandate was clear: to institute reforms, rejuvenate the system, and remove inefficiencies, ensuring discipline and responsiveness.

PTS marked his first public service assignment despite having been involved in the political system for some time without being elected or appointed. He possessed the leadership qualities that captured the Governor’s attention: youth, intelligence, vibrancy, and a refined political acumen.

As part of his team during the 2023 campaign, I served under him as the Chairman/Head of Youth Media GSM campaign. Despite the challenges, he remained undeterred and focused on the path to victory for GSM Omituntun 2.0 in Canan Land.

Today, he has spent two months and a day in office and has achieved remarkable results, making one wonder, “Why DIKKO Salami and not anyone else?” Some may have doubted his capabilities, but he has performed excellently despite limited resources and inexperience.

From what I know, the people of Oyo State have only seen the beginning of his impact, with more to come. Upon assuming office, he promised a good working relationship, cooperation, and support for economic recovery and growth.

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PTS has been the headquarters of the SAfER Program, initiated by His Excellency Engr. Dsc GSSRS KJW Abiodun Oluseyi Saheed MAKINDE FNSE, with transportation being a key component. Under his leadership, PTS now offers intercity and intracity Omituntun mass transit services across the state, with 56 buses and more in the pipeline.

The digitalization of PTS operations for economic growth and efficiency, as well as ensuring compliance across all units, has been a significant achievement.

Reducing fees for the public, including students, market traders, civil servants, and the elderly, and the ongoing Omituntun free card program until October 31, 2023, have provided relief to many.

It’s clear that Hon. Ibraheem Salami Dikko’s actions are not his alone, but guided by a higher purpose. For me, Governor Seyi Makinde is the real driving force, and Hon. Ibraheem is his capable representative.

Yours in service leadership,

Egalitarian Dig Com.

Moyosoreoluwa Olamilekan Eldreez, known as IJOBA AUTHORITY MOE, Dynasty World-Wide, writing from the home of Generals in Ibadan North East World. He4she Crusader and Feminist.

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