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TIPS: Tony Elumelu Brands Himself in these 5 effective ways

The Nigerian billionaire businessman is more than simply a strolling pose in his distinctive red socks and black suit. Tony Elumelu has had an enormous impact on the African commercial setting. Tony Elumelu is the Chairman of the UBA Group, a multinational Pan-African bank, and the CEO of Heirs Holdings, a family-owned investment firm.

He has a majority stake in Transcorp Group, a publicly traded Nigerian conglomerate with activities in hospitality, farming, oil, and power.

Here are five effective ways Tony Elumelu brands himself.

  • His distinct sense of fashion

Tony Elumelu is a billionaire with style. One thing you can’t deny about this 59-year-old billionaire is his immaculate sense of style.

As a corporate executive, he has a closet full of clothing for any occasion. Elumelu generally dresses in black or navy suits with a red tie and socks as part of his brand identification. Red can be found throughout the majority of the firms he runs, including UBA, The Tony Elumelu Foundation, and Heirs Holdings.

Since the dress code has become the standard, every male employee at UBA is obligated to observe it, and Tony sets a good example by doing so.

  • His mentality is one of independence.

Tony Elumelu’s success did not come by chance. His growth was organic, as he went through the most difficult steps to get to where he is today.

The road to success is not linear; it is up and down. You must be very determined and prepared to do whatever is required for your success.” Elumelu said.

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Tony Elumelu has never been one to sit back and wait for others to assist him. From his first business venture selling regional costumes created in Sokoto in the south to overseeing one of Sub-Saharan Africa’s largest mergers that became UBA, he paid his dues in full. This has aided him in developing an effective personal brand.

  • He is an excellent storyteller.

Tony Elumelu makes time to tell his story on social media on a regular basis. He makes out time to share stories, unlike many other billionaires who delegate or avoid social media, whether it be about his personal life, plans, or opinions.

Aside from the write-ups he uploads on his social media platforms, the narrative has always been a big part of his presentations and Time 100 speeches.

  • He prioritizes his family.

Elumelu has shown that he can find time for his family while still running successful businesses.

He is married to Awele Elumelu, a medical practitioner with seven children.

He never misses an occasion to brag about his family, particularly on social media. He routinely posts images of his wife, mother, five daughters, and two sons on his Instagram account. Tony also takes part in social media challenges with his family, which has gained the hearts of many young people who can identify with him.

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  • He is a philanthropist

Tony Elumelu is a man who works tirelessly to develop and support Africa’s most promising and brilliant businesses. This effort directly aided around 9000 young people from 54 African countries.

In 2010, he formed the Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF), a division of Heirs Holdings, as part of his commitment to the notion of Africapitalism. The goal of the TEF is to encourage the next generation of African entrepreneurs. Since its inception, the Foundation has worked in all 54 African countries. Tony Elumelu, through the TEF, uses his contacts and broad network in both public and private sector circles as levers to open doors and empower everyone with the opportunity to build wealth.


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