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Tips: Seven Amazing Things You Can Do With Your Smartphone

Earn Money

The smartphone does not just help in our day-to-day activities but you can also earn with your smartphone. There are a lot of jobs that can be done from the comfort of your home and all that is required is the use of a smartphone and internet connection. Some of these jobs include; content writing, virtual assistant, answering survey questions and so on. Although, the money earned from these does not make you rich overnight you can afford to pay your bills as it can be done as a side hustle.

Measure a Distance

Smartphones now have applications that enable its user to measure short distances without tape, just download the app called SIZEUP from Google Play or App Store. Your smartphone’s dimensions are part of the measurement.

Control Your Phone
A gesture control app called WAVE CONTROL is used to perform some tasks on your phone even without having contact with it. For instance, you can want music and video player or answer calls with a wave of your hand.

Drive Safely
If you are driving in the dark and want to keep your eyes constantly on the road you can use your smartphone with the help of a certain app called HUDWAY.

Earn A Degree
It’s no longer news that you can earn a degree online without visiting the four walls of a university. Most institutions of higher learning have made it easy for one to earn a good degree from the comfort of your home with ease. Usually, all that is required is just the need of a good smartphone or laptop to access the classes online. At the end of it all, a certificate is issued which can be used anywhere.

SendText From Your Pc

The app called MIGHTYTEXT links your phone, computer or tablet which gives you the opportunity to manage SMS or MMS or messages sent to your phone number will appear on your computer screen and can also find them in your phone text inbox so nothing will get lost.

  Make Better Decisions
No more hesitation, to save your time and the decision-making process a lot easier, name your options and then let this app called DECISION CRAFTING suggest the best choice instantly. The App makes the final decisions after considering all the pros and cons of each choice and comparing them one another based on different criteria.

Just like a desktop or laptop computer, a smartphone has an operating system, these operating systems vary depending on the type of smartphones. The four most common are:

  1. iOS (created by Apple) 2. Android (created by Google)
  2. BlackBerry (created by Research in Motion)
  3. Windows Phone (created by Microsoft).

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