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Stop Tarnishing My Image, Ogo-Oluwa LG Chairman, Ojo Seun Adesoye Debunk Rumors

Stop Tarnishing My Image, Ogo-Oluwa LG Chairman, Ojo Seun Adesoye Debunk Rumors


Ogo Oluwa Local Government Chairman, Hon Ojo Seun Adesoye(IDAN) as reacted to the news flaunt from some online media platforms dated Thursday 29th February, 2024 regards the distribution of palliative and other relief items in the Ogo Oluwa Local Government.

According to the chairman, the alleged placed on him by some sponsored Legislators that he diverted the local government palliatives is null and void.

His response to the allegations goes thus:

Our attention has been drawn to a malicious publication by a blog known for lies and misinformation about a petition against the Chairman, Ogo Oluwa Local government, Hon Ojo Seun Adesoye(Idan) by some politicians on their way to extinction.

In a world where deception and dishonesty are all too common, it can be challenging to separate fact from fiction. But fear not, we are here to set the records straight and expose their lies and their sponsor.

Let’s make NEMA empowerment our first point of call, this is a federal government program with it’s capturing, verification and distribution organized by staffs of the ministry with no interference from anyone at the local level. To make it more clearer, capturing and verification were done at the local government Secretariat and everyone who passed through this processes received their relieve materials. It is absurd to conceive in anyone’s deluded mind that the chairman is capable of diverting a federal government material considering the fact that we are not of the same political party. It is a lightweight lie and should be ignored.

On the issues of Safer palliative distribution, it is a widely known fact that the distribution was not at any politicians mercy, distributors and their coordinator were sent by the state government to supercede, Monitor and ensure smooth distribution and that it gets to the intended people. How on earth will a sane mind lie that the chairman can divert such initiative?.

The chairman neither has a farm nor is he into construction, of what use are those machines to him?. The bulldozer is in good shape and in the premises of the local government secretariat while the Excavator was only taken out of the council premises for repair, any member of the public who is interested in inspection of both machines are welcome to do so. It is only a cooked up story by the sinking politicians looking for what to hold on to.


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It is not only laughable but despicable for a serving representatives to claim they are unable to sit because the Mace is nowhere to be found, such councilor ought to be recalled, flogged and strip of all entitlement for getting paid while he sleeps. The Mace has been in the possession of the leader of the house as he has said on many occasions and will continue to be till the end of their tenure, any interested member of the public can approach the leader for the Mace and the local government for their sitting records.

Talking about Ad-hoc staffs, the Local Government engaged both existing and new staffs based only on their qualifications and experiences and the need departments in the local government, most of them are in the local government secretariat, some at the LCDA some are securing our facilities while others are at our PHCs as health assistants. These nitwits are only angry because we refused to bow to their pressure in trying to smuggle their relatives in. Members of the public are free to approach the local government for a list, their postings and possible inspection.

All these are the truth about their malicious lies and we are ready to entertain more questions if there is a need.

As much as we do not intend to join issues with anyone, we feel obligated to make members of the public to understand where all these are coming from:

1. These councilors most of who are not member of our party but benefited from the magnanimity of the chairman are only aggrieved when they were not nominated for a second term by party faithfuls from their wards who believed those who are faithful to the parties should be voted in.

2. In their quest for survival, they connived with SMATO, who is representing our constituency and is trying to highjack a structure he didn’t build by removing the chairman and replacing him with one of his minions and he paid each councilors a sum of Two hundred thousand naira(#200,000) to carry out his hatchet job for him.

The chairman has responded to their petition at OYACA, responded to each claims last week when the reconciliation team came around and will continue to be accountable only to the public on issues related to governance.

We are undeterred in our efforts to bring dividends of democracy to our people and our preparation for the upcoming local government elections.


Seun Ojo Media team for the chairman.

29th February, 2024.

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