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Oyo Young Star, Busoye Ogunlade Will Work His Way Out To Sustain Zero Portholes In Oyo State Roads || MOE


The future of the world is a broad and complex topic to discuss based solely on the present and unseen happenings. However, I can provide some general insights and possible interpretations from both pictures attached there in. Since the appointment of Hon. Busoye as the Chairman of Oystroma, he has been working day and night to ensure we have zero portholes in Oyo State of which it’s possible.

If given time, it’s achievable since the leadership of His Excellency Engr Dsc GSSRS KJW Abiodun Olu Seyi Makinde FNSE is solely and Stinkingly interested in Making sure that all snags pertaining such should be arrested beyond escalation. We must give kudos to GSM for deeming it fit to staying and abide by his promise on rehabilitation and repairs on our deplorable roads in Ibadan especially and across other environment.

The given image depicts two men posing for a photo while standing in a very Seren office. This image could represent the future of the world in various ways, depending on the context and the perspectives we consider looking at it from. Gov. Makinde really gave room for young stars to strive and have access to political seats unlike before thay it’s about who know who.

From the above expression and opinion, we can digest the reality of interpretation as shown in the demonstration on the two handsome men of purpose and focus towards the Future Now Project (FNP)

1. Human connection: The two men standing in close picture could symbolize the importance of human connection and relationships in shaping the future of the world. It might suggest that collaboration, unity, and understanding are crucial for progress and collective well-being.


2. Diversity and inclusion: If this two men in the image belong to different races, ethnicities, or cultures, it could signify the importance of diversity and inclusion. Acknowledging and embracing differences can foster a brighter future where equality and acceptance prevail.

3. Technology and communication: The act of posing for a photo highlights the role of technology and its influence on our future. This could represent the increasing use of virtual communication and technological advancements in shaping the world. It implies that technology will continue to play a crucial role in future developments.

Fortunately, Mr Chairman is a digital copy leadership, pro digital ambassador and he is committed to tow that line in other to achieve more in the road maintenance system now and the future.

4. Identity and representation: Depending on the identities represented in the two pictures, it could also signify the importance of representation and providing equal opportunities for all individuals. It may suggest that a diverse and inclusive world is a key factor in shaping a better future for all.

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Without further information or context, these interpretations are speculative. However, they exemplify some possible insights based on the outlook. It is important to note that the future of the world is influenced by multiple factors, such as social, economic, environmental, and technological advancements.

Hon. Busoye Ogunlade chairman Oystroma is another promising young emerging energetic mind to watch out for in the future of Governance in Oyo State South West Nigeria and the World at large.

Your’s Servant Leader,

Egalitarian Dig Com

Moyosoreoluwa Olamilekan Eldreez codenamed IJOBA AUTHORITY MOE Dynasty World-Wide writes from the home of Generals Ibadan North East World


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