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[OPINION]: PDP Our Home, Let’s Unite And Rescue Nigerians – MOE Speaks

DEAR fellow compatriots, party faithfuls, brothers, sisters, stakeholders, dignitaries, eminent personalities and prominent gladiators of our great party, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

Are we not the people’s choice again? Are we not people-centric any longer? Are our ideology, compassion not centered on the people anymore?

Have we forgotten so quickly that PDP is the only party to defend, protect, conserve, and consolidate decency, order, and unity of our dearly and the federation at large? Are we not checking our books to know that something is wrong somewhere which needs to be taken up and resolved?

Do we still know, and believe that the people still have our party PDP as the largest in Africa in their hearts? Why have we forsaken the new baby birthed by the Government (the roadmap for accelerated development). Didn’t we swear an oath to bear true allegiance, and maintain confidentiality, and agreement at all times?

We cannot but stand by the democratic process of going by the order, due process, and true Leadership actions in setting standards for sustainable Development in our party PDP.

It’s absolutely very sacrosanct to take the bull by the horn. This great unbreakable, unbeatable, consequential umbrella under the Leadership of His Excellency The Executive of Oyo State Engr. Seyi Makinde FNSE has given birth to many successful children who have now become great and eminent ancestors in their respective kingdoms.

We owe NIGERIANS (Oyo State as a unit) the trust they instill in us as the only antibiotics, an antidote to all ailments, of physical, social, mental, financial, and economy that have eaten deep into the fabric of people’s lives which is causing endless suffering, and sickness that some charlatans had put upon the good people. Hence our responsibility as the stakeholders is to do the needful now, to cover them through the accommodating umbrella for all.

This time shall pass. History will be referred to. Posterity will be looked into as power transcends. Individual ideology should be married to the majority common sense and should be brought to the center table for a balance. It is not enough to have a party but to have a true Leadership running the affairs based on conscience, Integrity, and a service to humanity mentality towards ensuring a better and safer, cleaner environment, void of corruption, egocentrism, mind games, nepotism, favouritism, and godfathering grooming.

We must be aware that, no one is indispensable, indomitable, or invisible but we can only have a champion if all hands are centered on deck, not to the detriment of any individual but to be judged based on data, science, and logic. The logical conclusion to any matter is deep, painful, sacrificial, and hard to do or achieved. However, there is absolutely no amount of contributions or sacrifices made on behalf of the majority and minority that is less or too costly to bear, after all, God’s only begotten son was nailed to the cross.

May I say this for the sake of the National Honour I have for my country, state, and party, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) that, I am writing this piece with a heavy heart, Nigeria belongs to all of us and we know that not everyone will lead at the same time, but the anointed voice among all, takes the ownership of being the head for that moment to change the narrative from what it used to be, to what it ought to be.

I am not a coward, nor afraid of saying the truth where and when needed, there must be a common ground to settle dividing disputes before it goes out of hand, if not all of us as genuine members of this party PDP, will forever remember and be remembering our actions, decisions and dispositions, contributions to the situation at hand either positive or negative and own the outcome to the present generation and the unborn children.

If we allow NIGERIA to collapse now, what excuse or explanation are we going to give to the younger ones coming behind us?

If we allow things to go bad, contrary, out of shape beyond the ordinary, what gain will that turn for us?

If we allow the talents, champions, new breeds, exceptionally groomed millennials, giant stride pan Africans, and emerging Leaders to get wasted right in our very eyes opened, what legacies, future or tomorrow are we leaving or building when we are old?

Remember, if we refuse to Rescue, Unify and Reset NIGERIA, NIGERIA will still be a country while we wouldn’t live to see the end. Governor Seyi Makinde is trying his best, let no one truncate his good governance legacy before the good people of Oyo State.

Yours Servant Leader,

Egalitarian Dig. Com. Moyosoreoluwa Olamilekan Eldreez codenamed Ijoba Authority Moe Dynasty, writes from Ibadan North East Constituency, Home of Generals

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