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OMITUNTUN : A Behavioral New Wine || Ex-ACCOS Member, Hon Eniola Christabel 

Right from May 29th, 2019 when my principal His Excellency Engr Seyi Makinde took the mantle to lead the good people of Oyo state, no have ever stopped describing him as a dogges democrat, strong, a visionary with a big heart with unflinching love for the Youth of Oyo State.

Most of the residents of Oyo State and lovers outside the state has described Governor Seyi Makinde as an uncommon gift to humanity whose commitment to leadership excellence cannot be measured.

This is a man whose unwavering enthusiasm for good governance and the liberation of the younger generation makes him a point of reference in Nigeria’s political landscape. He is a unique gift to humanity who skillfully juggles service to the glory of God and benefit of humanity. He is unwaveringly committed to sustain the cause as a second-term governor and current Vice Chairman of the Nigeria Governor’s Forum.

My ever gratitude to His Excellency, Engr Seyi Makinde, executive governor of Oyo State, for giving me the opportunity of been part of the system as a member of ACCOS. In fact, on the breaking news of my appointment i met my husband.

I’m always appreciative of the journey and expansion.

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I’ve been able to share in the Governor’s common goal and this really was life changing, also helped me to build more confident in myself.

“I was at National Assembly earlier this week to sort out something urgently but a male staff was trying to devalue my personality even as a Youth. I quickly remember one of Governor Makinde tutelage while engaging the Youth, he do says *”boldness in a time of intimidating is one of the key to lock the enemy out and achieve more success”.*

Then I approach that situation and prove myself as a bonafide mentee who has drank from Governor Makinde wisdom.

It was a proud honor to reckon with omituntun; I told the man , yes you’re doing your job but we that have breathe in oyo state air, knows life is not so complicated because we have GSM (God’s Sent Man).

Know this I will be entering the assembly soonest without questioning (from my mouth to God’s ears).

The man later knew that ‘Lagelu na Baba Ibàdan’ and he sincerely apologise”.

I deeply appreciate His Excellency for bringing the best out of we the youth.

Oyo youths are on their ten toes working out their best version in entrepreneurship, global network and politics, emulating our Governor & young leaders in OYSG.

To everyone, Governor Makinde is kind. Below are verifiable giant stride performances first of its kind in Governor Makinde administration:

1. He is the first Governor to have First Female to be SSG whose name is Mrs Olubamiwo Adeosun.

2. He is the first Governor in South West Nigeria to have a 27 year old Youth as honorable commissioner for Youth and Sports, Hon. Asiwaju Seun Fakorede .

3. He is the first Governor to have the youngest honorable Member at the 9th House of Assembly Oyo State in person of Hon. Yusuf O. Adebisi.

4. He is the first Governor to have the youngest appointee as member board in ACCOS whose name is Hon. Eniola Christabel former Aspirant OYHA Lagelu State constituency (This is my humble self).

5. He is the first Governor to have embraced Youth inclusiveness in Politics hence bringing many into his administration starting from the local level to the State.

6. He is the first Governor to have built Bus Terminals for an expanded economy initiative.

7. He is the first Governor to have engaged Youths more in Agribusiness training and empowerment under the initiative called YEAP/STEP.

8. He is the first Governor to have highest recruitment exercise in the Govt work, highest in promotion of civil servants.

9. He is the only Governor not owing any workers a dime of their salaries/gratuities/pensions till date.

10. Also, most Distinguished Governor to have trained, retrained and built the capacity/human capital of both civil/public servants.

11. Sole ownership of Lautech

12. Under and because of His great leadership we had the first two unique forums.

* GSM4ALL : Forum of oyo aspirants

* G18 , Forum of female aspirants & candidates

Additionally, in terms of Projects, infrastructures, road networks, he leads till date, he had built more schools and primary health cares hospitals with adequate facilities and across the 351 wards in our dear state and many more like sand.

Governor Makinde administration has undoubtedly been characterized by openness, responsibility, and a dedication to the welfare of the people. It has also been deemed to be the greatest so far.

No doubt Governor Seyi Makinde is the real Youth Friendly Governor and the ‘Idan’ in Nigeria politics.

Source: Ex-ACCOS Member, Hon Eniola Christabel

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