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“My boyfriend is not as Good as my Husband in Bed but he gives me Money”—-Housewife Tells Court

“My boyfriend is not as Good as my Husband in Bed but he gives me Money”—-Housewife Tells Court

Janet Siachinji, a married woman, aged 24, shocked Livingstone Local Court A1, Zambia, when she admitted to committing adultery with a 50-year-old man who she rated as terrible in bed. She told the court that she only loved him because he enticed her with gifts.

According to Zambia Observer, Janet Siachinji, 24 said Stressy JengaJenga, 50, was her lover and that the two had been engaged in a sexual affair for five months.

She also revealed that the two engaged in protected sexual activities twice during their five months affair.
Janet was narrating in a case in which her husband, Lazarus Muzoka, 35, from Siandaza village, sued Stressy from Musokotwane area for adultery demanding K20,000 as compensation.
Lazarus married Janet in 2017 and paid K6,000 as dowry. The couple has one child.

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“Lazarus is my husband, while Stressy is my boyfriend.
“Stressy and I have had sex twice in our backyard at night, but we used protection on both occasions. However, he is not good in bed as compared to my husband,” she said.

Janet told the court that she accepted to date Stressy because he enticed her with gifts, including a mobile phone and skin-lightening lotions.
“I fell in love with Stressy because of the gifts and that led us into having sex,” she said.

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Lazarus told the court that he became suspicious of his wife and Stressy when he noticed the gifts she was receiving such as sugar, lotions, rice and chitenge materials.

He said his wife started refusing to join him in cultivating their garden.

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“However, our five-year-old son told me that her mother was having an affair with Stressy because he used to visit our home at night. My son said they would leave him and then retreat to a hidden area behind our house,” he said.

He also told the court that he confiscated his wife’s phone and discovered videos of her on it.

“My wife would often leave me alone in the house on pretext that she had gone to charge her phone.


“I confronted her when I found her and Stressy in a compromising condition, but she shouted at me.  I pursued Stressy, who quickly fled into the house,” he said

But Stressy said he was just being a good Samaritan by showering Janet with gifts.

He stated that he was not having a sexual affair with her.

“The phone Janet got was for sale and she was the first person to express interest in purchasing it,” he said.

Passing judgment, the principal presiding Local Court magistrate, Mubiana Mubita, sitting with magistrates Esau Daka and Charles Mumba partially upheld the claim and ordered Stressy to pay K10,000 in compensation in K500 monthly installments.

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The court also instructed the couple to return the phone to Stressy.


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