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Minister Of FCT: What Netizens Are Says About Wike’s Appointment


On Wednesday, President Bola Tinubu released the full list of his ministers and their portfolios.

However, Netizens have begun to share their thoughts on the appointment of the immediate past Rivers State governor, Nyesom Wike, as the country’s new Minister of Federal Capital Territory.

Wike, a Peoples Democratic Party member, who served as governor from 2015-2023 and earlier as a Minister of State for Education under President Goodluck Jonathan, has got many tongues wagging with his romance with the All Progressives Party members and recent appointment as a minister.

Many believe his appointment is a strategy by the President to ensure success should he decide on running for a second term in office.

Oloye Young tweeted: “Nyesom Wike, known as “The Party Man,” seemingly abandoned PDP and ended up with the FCT Minister role, which is akin to a State Governor’s position. He might as well have considered running for a 3rd term as the Rivers State Governor.

Twitter user @firstladyship tweeted: “They gave Nyesom Wike – the FCT Minister. They sent the Mile 4 … Machine to Abuja. They are looking for Obio-Akpor Magic, Abuja Edition. 25% in FCT, by hook or crook. Melembe………… Melembe……….
Your money or your life?”

#Odogwu_Obi tweeted: “Abuja obidients get ready …

They have given Wike the FCT minister so that he can bring his …machine to the FCT … in case there is a Rerun…

Weak Wike cannot deliver 25% in the FCT for APC.”

#Orji_Okosisi1 also tweeted: “Bola Tinubu wants the … machine (Wike) to … Abuja for him, in the event the judiciary orders for a rerun or fresh presidential election, hence he appointed him Minister of FCT, but let me be clear: Bola Tinubu would not be on the ballot, in the event the judiciary nullifies his “victory,” and orders for a rerun or fresh election. The Tribunal and Supreme Court not disqualifying Bola Tinubu from contesting for presidential election in Nigeria, will be a travesty of justice. #AllEyesOnTheJudiciary.”

#ayemojuba also tweeted: “They want to use Wike to get 25% in FCT in case there would be a rerun; see the formation.”

“Sorry Making Wike the FCT minister will not secure any 25% for Tinubu.

A waste of ministerial portfolio on a man who has ridiculed himself as the cheapest loudmouth politician in Nigeria,” Dr Umaru tweeted.

Man Of Letters also shared his thoughts writing: “Rivers State budget 2023: ₦550bn

FCT budget 2023: N579bn.

Wike has every politician with no direct access to the Presidency by the balls now.”

#King_Inspires tweeted: “What will WIKE do as minister of FCT? Misplaced!

Tinubu loaded his cabinet with people with no skills and clues about the ministry they are appointed to head…CLUELESS!

Wait and see Peter Obi’s cabinet when the court finally declares him president…

Ugwunna Ejikem tweeted: “Why exactly is Wike’s portfolio; Minister of FCT, this Naija na pure Netflix show.”

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