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Kogi Guber 2023: The Political Exigencies Of Sen Dino Melaye As PDP Candidate

Kogi Guber 2023: The Political Exigencies Of Sen Dino Melaye As PDP Candidate

By Gbenga Bright

As the political momentum continues to gather over who becomes PDP candidate in the upcoming party primary, it is imperative and critically necessary that party leaders, stakeholders and importantly, the delegates to allow the ingredients of competence, capacity and capabilities to guide their choice and decision.

Extraying the exigencies of distinguished Senator Dino Melaye as PDP candidate for 2023 governorship election can not be overemphasised. Sen Melaye, a leading aspirant from Kogi West Senatorial District, a former member of the house of representatives, Kabba/Bunu/Ijumu Federal Constituency and former Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

It’s worthy of note that, Sen Dino Melaye has the requisite knowledge, experience, competence and to popularity to win the next governorship election for PDP and most importantly to initiate the desired good governance based on his track records of political success, experience and acceptability among the people of not only Kogi West but across the state.

It is instructive to note that he has previously won Senatorial elections under two different platforms convincingly. The widespread and large following he has within his senatorial district and beyond is a plus and prerequisite for a political foundation to electoral success. Without sentiments, Sen Dino Melaye wields the political stamina to lead PDP into victory based on his antecedents.

Undisputedly, Senator Melaye understands the nitty gritty of Kogi State politics to a large extent, with himself as a major player. He is the most prepared, focused and determined aspirant among all the contenders gunning for the ticket.
It is, therefore, a force that is ready to combat and counter the political intrigues, scheming, tactics, manoeuvres, machinations and sustained manipulative tendencies of the ruling APC in Kogi State at the general election. The imperatives of adequate preparation in the coming election cannot be overemphasized!

It is also imperative for our esteemed party leaders, stakeholders and delegates to look at these crucial area of concerns as raised above and support Senator Dino Melaye. His ambition represents a road map to8 peace, justice, fairness and equity being a Kogi Westerner, the only district that is yet to produce a governor since the creation of Kogi State on 27 August, 1991.

Experience from the 2019 governorship election and the recently concluded 2023 presidential and national assembly elections in Kogi State have shown that PDP “must look” beyond just presenting a candidate just- to-fill-in-the-gap. The more reason PDP delegates must stare and peeked above individuality considerations, hence the exigency of a Dino Melaye!

Of a fact, Kogi state since creation has produced four (4) governors respectively, with Kogi East and Central as beneficiaries, it’s salient to acknowledge that, voting massively for Senator Dino Melaye in the upcoming party primary is already a kick-start to victory, because it is clear that Kogi West where he hails from and has previously won elections on two different platforms both from the opposition parties, is undoubtedly, a ready-pick for Kogi PDP.

Sen Melaye, a political strategist per exellence, stretches his political tentacles from Kabba/Bunu/Ijumu Federal Constituency, which is just two LGAs, as Rep member to the entire seven Local Government Areas that constitute Kogi West to win Senate elections as an opposition candidate. This is not an easy feat considering the current political bastardisation, corruption and criminalisation of our electoral processes.

Indisputably, Sen Melaye is a political colossus that needs no introduction to any part of (Kogi State) due to his rising political profile, sheer love and popularity among the masses. He is ready to vigorously campaign across the state and also defend PDP votes staunchly. Without sentiment, he has all the potentials and political war chest, buoyancy to confront, curtail, defeat, and demystify APC rigging machineries and their excesses in Kogi State.

As a politician, he has won and lost elections in the past which are contant features and intrigues in a political contest anywhere in the world…

The first priority of any political party is to win election, therefore, the political exigencies of the candidacy of Distinguished Sen Dino Melaye at this critical moment shouldn’t be be swerved.

May PDP succeed!

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