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2023: It’s time for us to Produce Nigeria President.

The Senator representing Abia North and Ex- Governor of the State, Orji Kalu, has faulted presidential aspirants from the South-West and the South-South over their insistence to step down for their counterparts from the South-East.

Kalu, who is also a presidential aspirant, also faulted at the All Progressives Congress and the opposition Peoples Democratic Party for declining to zone the Presidency specifically to the South-East which had yet to produce a president of the country.

In a statement issued on Tuesday via his verified Facebook page, and titled ‘2023 Presidency: The Fairness I Know,’ Kalu noted that it would be hypocritical of those in the South-West and the South-South who criticise the North, especially in the PDP, for not conceding the ticket to the South, if the same people would not concede the position to the South-East.

Senator Orji Kalu

Kalu stated, “It is my desire and intention to run for the Presidency of Nigeria. I am committed to this pursuit, but I can’t make an official declaration to this regard without the full support of other regions.

” Everywhere in the world, politics is situational and that of Nigeria is exceptionally situational.

“In the absence of this zoning, I shall return to the Senate and stay away from the presidential contest.
The reality is that the North is more advantageous to win elections in this democratic setting.”

But the South West Agenda for Asiwaju 2023, said Kalu should proceed to contest if he was sure of himself.

The Chairman of SWAGA 2023, Senator Dayo Adeyeye, said this during a telephone interview with The PUNCH on Tuesday, adding that rotational presidency was not based on geopolitical zoning.

“The zoning rotation of the presidency in Nigeria is between North and South; nothing more than that. There is no micro-zoning to any geopolitical zone. The understanding of anybody that knows about politics knows that that it is North and South rotation. There is not yet any micro-zoning to any geopolitical zone; we may still reach that level, but in this present dispensation, no, that is not the issue.”

On his part, the Coordinator, Progressive Lawyers For Osinbajo, Dr Kayode Ajulo, in an interview with The PUNCH, explained that the office of the President should be considered based on experience and qualification and not sentimental issues.

He said, “The office of the President should not be toyed with and should not be considered because of some sentimental issues. It must be for who is qualified and is most experienced. And I must say this, give me any candidate and place him side-by-side with Osinbajo.”

Source: savvy news ng

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