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It is a new dawn in Oyo State as our history-making Governor, Engr. Seyi Makinde FNSE fixed the right person into the Oyo State transportation system. The appointment of Hon. (Dr) Salami Dikko whose capacity is second to none is worthy and merits the office.

Since the time of the military regime, no one has occupied the sole administrator regalia until this time. Hon. Dikko is the first to hold the two positions as Chairman and Sole Administrator to Oyo State PaceSetters Transport Services(PTS). He is a successful business mogul, a fantastic administrator, highly exposed, and a refined professional of note whose leadership is trusted.

Meanwhile, as those Bus Terminals are about to be completed, the two remaining metropolitan edifices at Iwo Road, be rest assured that it will contribute enormously to the economic growth, and seamless transport services deliver under an enabling environment through infrastructural development. We must also remember that the Omituntun Mass Transit (OMT) has come into the limelight with 56-seater mass transit buses and many more are about to be unveiled under the new leadership that will cover some routes to be listed in coming weeks.

Kudos to our amiable, indefatigable Governor for this as it will make life easier for the masses and enhance smooth transportation. An assurance has been made to the good people during the weekly newsletter by The Executive Governor of Oyo State, Engr. Seyi Makinde.

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For the avoidance of doubt, I am not surprised and afraid of his nomination and appointment as the Chairman and sole administrator of Pacesetter Transport Services of Oyo State, the first of its kind. Gov. Makinde, the Man Called MAKINSSON (GSM) is a Visionary leader that is aiming well for the state and giving the state a good future ahead with the diversities of projects he is embarking upon to make Oyo State the home and headquarters of the economic hub in South West Nigeria and in the global community.


Remember, a few days ago, Gov MAKINDE made known his intention to bring relief to the good people of Oyo State in his newsletter.

It reads thus: “We have heard our people’s call for palliatives due to the prevailing economic situation in the country. We have already taken some measures in terms of expanding the routes of our Omituntun Bus service and ensuring that transport costs are not increased. But we know there is more to be done, and in the coming weeks, we will be rolling out more sustainable actions for the benefit of our people”. ~ Seyi Makinde


To experience more promotion and services of these good things at the PTS, we all need to come together to support and cooperate with the new chairman, Hon. Dr. Salami Oladeji Ibraheem Dikko for a better discharge of duties and great tasks as committed to his hands by His Excellency, Engr. Dsc. GSSRS KJW Abiodun Seyi Makinde, FNSE.


By so doing, I am using the medium to call on public and private capacity, investors, business moguls, and reputable and value system-oriented organizations to find their way to partner with the chairman to add more good value to this State.


Let’s make haste in collaborating with his office for sustainable development goals in this administration of OMITUNTUN 2.0.

Let’s make the continuity of GSM our priority and ensure mutual understanding with Mr Chairman, Hon. Dikko.

Your’s Servant Leader,

Member GSM Advocate

Egalitarian Dig. Com.

Moyosoreoluwa Olamilekan Eldreez codenamed IJOBA AUTHORITY MOE writes from the home of Generals Ibadan North East World

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