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HEALTH CARE: Effects Of Bar Soaps On Your Face

HEALTH CARE: Effects Of Bar Soaps On Your Face

Dermatologists everywhere talk about not using bar soap on the skin.

In fact, the first thing every skincare newbie learns is to “never wash your face with bar soap.” Think about it; they make face washes for a reason.

Despite these numerous warnings, quite a number of people still use bar soaps on their faces and, if not for anything, because they’re always available.

But how bad could using bar soap on your face go?


Because everybody says something’s bad doesn’t exactly mean it is.

But in this case, everyone’s right.

Typically soap bars contain long-chain fatty acid alkali salts with a pH between 9-10. Detergents, sodium lauryl sulfate and parabens are also commonly found in these bar soaps.

While these soaps cleanse the skin, they also increase its pH, disrupting its pH levels. Causing irritation, dryness, flaking, redness and endocrine dysfunction.

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No! Cleansers are your best bet. Altering your skin’s pH levels could cause irritation and dehydration and makes your skin more prone to sensitivity and redness.

Naturally, your skin’s pH is slightly acidic, between 4-5; using a bar soap with high pH increases these levels.

Cleansers over bar soap, as they’re formulated specifically to cleanse facial skin while respecting its delicate barrier function.

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