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Five Keys To Help You Set Achievable Career Goals In Life

All of our efforts channelled to work most time is as a result of the career goals we have in mind to achieve. Either consciously or unconsciously, there is an end we have in mind with regard to our chosen careers.  

Most if not all individuals have a career goal in mind but the only distinguishing factor between successful and unsuccessful individuals is their ability to take the right steps in setting and achieving these career goals.   

A career goal is a clear statement that defines the ultimate level you aspire to get to throughout the course of your career.

It is easy to set career goals but the most difficult part is achieving these set goals.

In order to ensure that you set career goals that are achievable, below are tips to follow.

1. Set “SMARTER” career goals

The first you should know in order to set achievable career goals is that your career goals must be smart. You don’t just set career goals because your colleagues are doing so and you don’t want to feel left out and you should not set a career goal just for setting sake.

To achieve those career goals, you need to ask yourself if your goals are SMART(ER), that is, are they:

Specific – do you have an accurate understanding and picture of your career goals? Your goals should not be vague or ambiguous, they have to be very clear.
Measurable – can you measure how far you have gone with the achievement of your goals?
Achievable – are your career goals worth putting in the effort? Are they attainable?
Realistic – is this career goal of yours feasible or it is just an illusion?
Timely – is there a timeframe for the achievement of your career goals?
Empowering – do these goals give you the strength to forge ahead? Will this goal empower you in the end?
Reviewable – are your goals flexible? Can they be adjusted if need be?

2. Write down your goals

It is often said that the dullest pen is better than the sharpest memory.

To set achievable career goals, you need to write them down.

When you document your career goals, it allows you to keep a clear focus, identify achievements and make any necessary alterations as and when required.

Since your career will probably span the next 30 years of your life, you need to pay focused attention to it so, write it down.

3. Be confident and committed

No one will ever believe and be committed to your goals more than yourself, so you need to be confident and committed if you must set career goals that will be achievable.

Lack of confidence is one of the biggest obstacles to achieving both personal and professional goals. You need to believe in your own abilities, capitalize on your strengths, and address your weaknesses when planning your paths to career success.

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Since you know what you want out of your career, that is, your career goals, then commit to doing whatever it takes to get there, even if it involves some risks.

Here is how to stay consistent with your goals

4. Go the extra mile

The difference between successful and unsuccessful individuals is that the former put in extra effort in all they do.

If you must set career goals that will be achievable, you need to be able to go the extra mile.

If there is a need to meet professionals who have the career goals you desire,  then why not. Don’t become complacent and comfortable about your present level in your career. You can do more and you shouldn’t limit yourself.

When you go the extra mile, you are better able to build the needed capacity to achieve your career goals.

5. Be flexible

Achievable career goals are not necessarily meant to be rigid, there should be a chance for flexibility.

To set an achievable career goal, you need to be flexible. Be open to change when it is necessary. Things are changing in each industry on a daily basis as a result of technological innovations, so set your career goals in such a way that you can easily make some necessary changes when the need arises.

Therefore, even as you set your goals, check in from time to time to make sure your goals are still achievable and remain realistic.

In all, know what you want, and don’t worry about failing. Dare to stand out in your chosen career by setting goals that are achievable.

Credit: Tribuneonlineng

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