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“Faith Over Fear: Nigerians I Hail Thee”

  • “Unwavering Faith in Uncertain Times: Trusting God for Nigeria’s Economic Turnaround”

In the face of Nigeria’s economic downturn, it’s easy to lose hope and settle for less. The streets are filled with struggling businesses, unemployed youths, and families struggling to make ends meet. The uncertainty is palpable, and fear seems to grip the nation. But in the midst of this chaos, we must remember that our God is a God of possibility, abundance, and exceeding grace.

The stories of Abraham, Moses, David, Jesus, and Sarah remind us that every level of grace we see is only a shadow of the possibility that is in God. Abraham trusted God for a son despite his advanced age and his wife’s barrenness. Moses trusted God to part the Red Sea despite the seemingly impossible task. David trusted God to defeat the giant Goliath despite the odds. Jesus trusted God to feed the 5,000 with just five loaves of bread and two fish. And Sarah trusted God for a new job and a business that flourished beyond her wildest dreams.

These heroes of faith trusted God for the impossible and experienced His exceeding abundance in their lives. They didn’t settle for less; they trusted God for the best. And God did exceeding abundantly above all that they asked or thought.

As Nigeria navigates this challenging season, we must remember that God’s power and grace are not limited by economic downturns or uncertainty. Instead, we must trust Him for the impossible and watch Him exceed our expectations. For the entrepreneur struggling to keep their business afloat, trust God for a breakthrough. For the worker facing unemployment, trust God for a new opportunity. For the nation seeking economic revival, trust God for a miraculous turnaround.


Remember, every level of grace you have seen is only a shadow of the possibility that is in God. Keep trusting Him for the best, and He will do exceeding abundantly above all that you ask or think. In this season of uncertainty, let us fix our eyes on the God of possibility, the God of abundance, and the God of exceeding grace. Trust Him today and watch Him do the impossible in your life and in the life of our great nation, Nigeria.


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Let us rise above the limitations of our circumstances and trust God for the impossible. Let us declare His goodness and His abundance over our nation. Let us trust Him to turn around our economy, to restore our prosperity, and to revive our hope. For with God, all things are possible. And with unwavering faith, we will see His exceeding abundance in our lives and in the life of our nation.

Every level of grace you have seen is only a SHADOW of the POSSIBILITY that is in GOD.

Never settle for LESS, keep trusting him(God) for the BEST.

Credit: Ambassador Segun Akinlabi on City Talk With Egalitarian

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