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Fact-Check: Is Nigeria Among Top 30 Best African Countries with Good Roads


Nigeria, popularly referred to as giants of Africa, is not among the top 30 nations in the continent with good roads.

This is despite a whooping budget of N2,091.62trillion on roads in the 13-year period covered by the survey.

The Global Economy ranked Nigeria as the 31st country with the ‘nicest and enjoyable’ good roads in Africa in the last 13 years.

Nigeria was ranked 31 out of the 38 African nations listed in the survey.

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Here is the list of African Countries with the best roads:

1. Namibia

2. Egypt

3. Rwanda

4. Mauritius

5. Morocco

6. South Africa

7. Kenya

8. Senegal

9. Tanzania

10. Algeria

11. Cape Verde.

12. Seychelles

13. Switzerland

14. Burundi

15. Botswana

16. The Gambia

17. Guinea Source

18. Uganda

19. Ivory Coast

20. Tunisia

21. Zambia

22. Benin

23. Mali

24. Ethiopia

25. Ghana

26. Burkina Faso

27. Malawi

28. Zimbabwe

29. Lesotho

30. Gabon

31. Nigeria

32. Cameroon

33. Mozambique

34. Angola

35. DR Congo

36. Madagascar

37. Mauritania

38. Chad

Below is the breakdown of the yearly allocations for road construction from 2006-2019 in Nigeria:

N67.7 billion – 2006

N71.6 billion – 2007

N67.9 billion – 2008

N198.6 billion – 2009

N210.7 billion – 2010

N128.9 billion – 2011

N133 billion – 2012

N141 billion – 2013

N106.3 billion – 2014

N17.8 billion – 2015

N132.4 billion – 2016

N263.28 billion – 2017

N344 billion – 2018

N208.44 billion – 2019.

[The Nation]

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