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….Congratulations to Dr.Kolapo ~SHABA

First of all, I sincerely congratulate Mr Kolapo Temitope (Glorious) who eventually emerged as the consensual candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party in the forthcoming Chairmanship election in 2024. Without grudge or nursing of malice I would say your candidacy is deserving with the twist of fate being an indigene of Ona Ara local Government and a resident who has contributed immensely to the growth and development of our local council and having being an outstanding electorate who has a stand-out political participation in all shapes.

Of course , we giant candidates had keen contest that was jealously and generously guided with all we had within our disposal but you became the designated survivor that metaphorically made you Samuel and David in the Ona Ara political trajectory.

At this juncture, do not play-dead to my personality which would always summarise the holistic deeds of my person and by extention: first of it all, I’m a Muslim with some touches and heights of responsibilities. As a faithful Muslim I summit to the will of Allah who alone crowns the king and I am a politician par excellence who believes in competition and occasional chance and accepts every outcome of election with a sportsmanship spirit. On this basis I say it is Glorious O’ clock.

Also, I will use this medium to appreciate the astuteness, cleverness, cerebrum and indefatigability of the leadership of our great party and other well-to-do stakeholders and the creme-de-la-creme personality who fought tooth and nails to ensure what they considered the best to maintain peaceful co-existence of the party members and tranquility in our council with the avoidance of unnecessary political miasma. And as well would forever be grateful and appreciative to His Exellency, Governor Seyi Abiodun Makinde who through his unmatched magnanimity took me from the blue for the post of Caretaker Chairman and also Executive Chairman. I will forever be grateful and always trust his judgement.

Just like in 2010 in Nigeria the doctrine of necessity was considered to put the country together and President Ebele Goodluck Jonathan emerged, I, Hon. Musibau Adesina Sanusi accept the candidacy of Dr. Kolapo Temitope (Glorious) as a divine choice and birth-child of the doctrine of necessity to maintain peaceful co-existence among us. I believe therefore without an iota of doubt that this real opportunity to lead our people at this critical time shall be protected jealously by you and to the growth, betterment and good governance of our people.

Congratulations once again and God bless your administration.


Hon. Musibau Adesina SANUSI(Shaba),
The Executive Chairman of Ona Ara local Government.

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