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Dikko: The Engineer of Modern PTS Company of Oyo State|| By MOE

Dikko: The Engineer of Modern PTS Company of Oyo State|| By MOE

In the landscape of public transportation within Oyo State, the emergence of the PaceSetter Transport Services (PTS) stands out as a significant achievement. At the helm of this transformation is Hon. Dr. Ibraheem Oladeji Salami Dikko, a visionary accountant, Distinctive administrator, PhD holder in his field of study with numerous professional certification, earned the engineer title by way of his sophisticate sagacity whose leadership and innovation have redefined public transport in Oyo State and southwest Nigeria region.

Recall that this journey with PTS began upon his nomination by His Excellency, Engr Seyi Makinde in July 25th, 2023. Recognizing the inadequacies and challenges, he proposed a revolutionary plan aimed at overhauling the entire system. His vision was to create a reliable, safe, and efficient transport network that could cater to the growing demands of Oyo State’s population and beyond.

One of Dikko’s key strategies was the integration of modern technologies into PTS operations. This included the introduction of GPS tracking systems on all buses, CCTV installation and other gadgets included allowing for real-time monitoring and management. The management can now track bus locations and estimated arrival times through a dedicated gadgets, significantly enhancing productivity and efficiency of staff ( the drivers and supervisors) as well the security of the shuttles.

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Under Dikko’s leadership through the approval of Gov Seyi Makinde , PTS underwent a significant fleet upgrade. Safety has always been a top priority for Dikko. He implemented rigorous safety protocols, including regular maintenance schedules and driver training programs. The introduction of CCTV cameras and emergency response systems on buses has also improved passenger security, making PTS a preferred choice for commuters from 100,000 daily to 120,000 showing a significant growth level.

To ensure widespread accessibility, Dikko oversaw the expansion of PTS routes to cover underserved areas. This strategic expansion has made public transportation more inclusive, providing mobility solutions to a larger segment of the population, including those in remote regions and other states in Nigeria like Lagos, Abuja and Minna.

A crucial aspect of Dikko’s leadership has been ensuring the financial sustainability of PTS. Through strategic partnerships and innovative funding models, he has secured the necessary financial resources to support ongoing operations and future expansions. The introduction of electronic ticketing systems has also streamlined revenue collection, reducing losses and enhancing efficiency.

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Dikko’s efforts have not gone unnoticed. Under his guidance, PTS has received numerous accolades for excellence in public transportation. These awards are a testament to his dedication and the positive impact of his leadership on the community.

Looking ahead, Dikko has ambitious plans for PTS. These include further fleet expansion, incorporation of green technologies like electric buses/vehicles, and enhanced digital services for passengers. His commitment to continuous improvement ensures that PTS will remain a leader in public transportation.

Hon.Dikko’s role as the engineer of modern PTS PaceSetter Transport Services Company of Oyo State exemplifies the transformative power of visionary leadership. Through his innovative approaches, dedication to safety, and commitment to community engagement, he has set a new standard for public transportation. Dikko’s legacy is one of progress, efficiency, and inclusivity, making him a true redefining factor, pacesetter in every sense of the word.

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