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CLEAN UP ONA-ARA: OSU Chairperson, Comr. Olabisi Pens Appreciation To Sponsors, Stakeholders, Volunteers


The Leadership of Ona Ara Student’s Union (OSU) led by Comrade Olabisi Mufthau has penned appreciation regards their recent community service work tagged “CLEAN UP ONA ARA”.

The program, which took place in two different locations within the local government on Saturday 26th August, 2023 was executed with remarkable enthusiasm and dedication by members of the union in other to contribute their quota to the serenity and development of their prestigious area of residence.

Their collective goal was to transform the local government’s landscape into a cleaner, more serene space that residents could take pride in. The event not only demonstrated their commitment to the betterment of the community but also highlighted the importance of shared responsibility in creating positive change.

OSU Chairman appreciation message reads:

On the appreciative note, the union extends its heartfelt appreciation to the local government chairman 

Hon. Musibau Sanusi Shaba for the endorsement of the initiative by understanding and supporting the credibility and significance to the course, underscoring the importance of local government collaboration in community development.

The UNION PATRON who is the Proprietor of Glorious College Amuloko Ibadan, Dr. Temitope Kolapo whom always gives full support, guidance and encouragement which is a vital role in inspiring us to pursue excellence and uphold the values of our union.

Engr. Funmi Obisesan C.E.O of Fodei, the union matron, your expertise and dedication were instrumental in ensuring the smooth execution of the project and aligning our efforts with a common purpose.

“Handsome Studio, with the artistic prowess that made capturing of the essence of the hard work and unity, providing a visual narrative that beautifully showcased the positive impact of community collaboration.

Bliss Farm kitchen and bar, the support demonstrated the profound impact that businesses can have on community initiatives, adding a layer of togetherness and making the event more memorable.

Freshvoice News made a huge involvement as a media partner that amplified the reach and impact of our initiative, highlighting the importance of responsible journalism in promoting community engagement.

Finally, unbehalf of all the Executive we sincere appreciation and heartfelt gratitude to every volunteers that partook in this. Your commitment and dedication have left an indelible mark on our community and have inspired us to continue working together for the betterment of our local government.”

“Thank you once again for your invaluable contributions and for being champions of positive change within our community. May your efforts never be in futility.





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