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Businesses You Can Start This Festive Season

The festive period is already upon us and if you’re like me, you’re have already made your holiday plans for this Christmas and New Year season.

Ofcourse, one of things that will stand in your way of enjoying your plans to the fullest is when you can’t financially fund your plans.

Am I saying you should clear your accounts just to have a “Detty December”?

Absolutely Not! Plan within your means and let what you can’t afford go for now. As the Lord lives, this will not be the last Christmas season in the world.

So what to do?

You can work to increase your earnings this season so that you can gracefully sponsor your “Detty December”

I have listed out a few business you could start or take advantage of to increase your earnings this season.

1. Hamper Packaging: This one is easy, you can source orders from companies, organisations and individuals to package and brand their hampers towards the Christmas season.

2. Delivery Services: You can offer delivery services to organisations and people who would want to do Christmas surprises for their friends and families.

3. Christmas Decoration Services: you can pitch to individual and groups to give the a Christmas- themed decorations.

4. Small Events Planning: you can pitch to small groups to help them plan their end of the year get- together and parties.

5. Supplies of gifts items: Many organisations would want to gift their workers this end of the year, you can go ahead to supply the items.

6. Santa Costume Business: You can either sell the costumes or even go ahead to rock it for them. I’ve ready seen videos making rounds of such things. No go shame to hustle oo.

7. Beach Picnic planner: you help people plan their beach visit experiences including their transportation and feeding. You can help them form a group if the expenses are too much to be borne by a single person.

8. Selling Christmas Toys for kids

9. Logistics and cargo

10. Andย  yours

So guys, I came up with this, you can add your own to the list.

Ofcourse, no business is magic, it might take sometimes to be planned and for it to come through as planned but these are just some ideas I think you can leverage.

Read, engage and share it to the people you feel would need it too.

Credit: Emmanuel Akpe

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