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Asari Dokubo Brags With Guns Days After Meeting Tinubu(SEE VIDEO)


Former Niger Delta militant leader, Asari Dokubo, has stirred a barrage of reactions on social media after sharing a video clip of himself flaunting guns and threatening the Igbo-speaking people in Nigeria.


In the clip seen by Naija News, Dokubo was heard threatening that if not for the intervention of the British, he would have been selling the Igbo people to slavery just like his father did many years ago.

Dokubo said the Igbo people were looking for who would deal with them, asking them to look around and see how they are being killed incessantly.

He said: “You open. You take your leprosy hand to write. Don’t you have respect for the people who bought your father?

“Is it every Calabari that is a Calabari man? Do you know your roots? That you talk to me? You don’t know that people own this Calabari.

“You are law-abiding…Igbos, I don’t know them. I don’t know where they came from. Because I know that if not for British intervention, I will still be selling them. The way my father sold them.

“Now look at you people in Igbo land. Look at how you are dying woto-woto.

“You will do a video to sell that Alhaji has run away. You dey see me? I don’t run.

“Una head no correct. E be like say una dey look for who go finish una.”


Dokubo’s threat is coming a few days after visiting President Bola Tinubu at the presidential villa in Abuja.

Dokubo had told journalists earlier that he and his brothers have assured Tinubu to help his administration fight oil thieves in the Niger Delta.


Dokubo’s latest video clip, however, has been receiving a series of backlash on social media as some Nigerians blamed President Tinubu for giving the former militant an audience at the Aso Villa.


See some of the mixed reactions below.

@chi_agozie7 – A Nigerian man is bragging that he could have been selling Nigerians if not for Britain’s intervention.. how did we get here?

@DrJohnBishop – I keep repeating that Slave trade was only made possible because some black men decided to sell their own kind…tueh!

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@EstherOkokon3 – This is what actually earned him a place in Aso Rock. My joy is that Igbos are resilient people and can survive anything, no amount of hate can shake them… yak abasi asuk aka ka iso odiong ndito uneghe.

@salmanaudi – Terrible! I am a hausa man from kano, but man my igbo brothers and sisters are being treated like objects in Nigeria. I grew up in Lagos, and now living in the UK ??. They’re my people (igbos) I roll with them. They have right like every other Nigerian. I missed nkechi my ex

@Rega09831412 – This is what happens when u refuse to partner with anyone! Igbo’s were already building a good partnership with the north east and midway west Obi ruined that partnership and now we are in the middle of the Red Sea! LP 78.

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@filarge89 – This guy was in Aso Rock a few days back chilling with the president and even had press conference.. one Nigeria.

@EtowaMichael – I think at this point it’s now obvious that the igbos are actually the most feared tribe in Nigeria. Bro showing off guns wow.

@femistico – Igbos brought this see finish upon themselves, they want Biafra trying to merge S/S alongside but the S/S dey claim they were not together, now Obi had made them to be ridiculed this much just bcuz he lost an election…what a shame.

@mrchrisbonnie – @OfficialAPCNg led Federal Government of Nigeria are still in contract with a character who openly confessed to being a slave trader just like his father was, and would’ve still been on it, if given a chance.

@JoeBiden and @RishiSunak, you see Nigeria y’all in bed with?

@Ngwe_ It is sad that nobody speaks for the Igbo; this kind of insult should not be tolerated. He’s talking about a whole tribe, omo. na S.E political class dey cause all these. No wahala o.

@mattmike324 -One thing Nigerians should learn is that the Igbo nation has been long before Nigeria was created. The Igbo nation is far bigger, stronger and richer than even Nigeria. Nigeria is obviously a biz not a nation, sooner you knw the better.”


See the video below:

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