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PHOTOS: Angry PDP Youth And Leaders Protest In Ibadan, Demand Dissolves Of Party Executives

Angry People Democratic Party(PDP) faithfuls/members in Ward 7 of Ibadan North Local Government in Ibadan, Oyo State stage a peaceful protest on Wednesday April 12th, 2023. The protesters took to the major streets of Yemetu where the state PDP party office was located to register their grievances on the inability to coordinate the party affairs of Mr Tope Akerele(PDP Ward 7 Chairman of IBNLG) where they demand for immediate dissolved of Ward 7 party executives of Ibadan North local government.

Some of the allegation placed on the ward chairman are as follows;

Ten major reasons for Mr. Tope Akerele PDP chairman ward 7 Ibadan North local government IBNLG and his executives must step aside immediately.

1. From inception of his regime as Chairman of ward 7, his stlye, and method of administration, is causing set back to the ward, and also causing crises within the ward.
2. Mr. Tope Akerele, is a dictator, and too autocratic in governance. He exercises sole administrator power, to run the ward like his private estate.
3. Mr. Tope Akerele is very arrogant in discharging his Democratic duty
4. In most cases, mr Chairman of ward 7, denials bonafide members of the ward of their rights to alloted party opportunities through unfair, and secret distribution of dividends.
5. Lacks of respect for leaders, and elders in the ward. Such cases occur when he lambasted leader kola Raifu and elder Dele Olaitan,
6. Negligence of duty in most cases and when he is at home for Ward meeting, he presides, over the ward in arrogance, and pride, and also with spell (OFO).
7. Mismanagement and misappropriation of party funds.
8. Giving out party slots to non party members
9. Most of his attitude are causing friction and tension within the ward
10. Chairman and his executives doesn’t listen to party members grievances at all..

This is the chief of staff to Ibadan North local government(Pastor Oderajo) addressing the protesters

That is why all the party members and the leaders want them to be suspended.

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Addressing the protesters, the state executives and Ibadan North LG chief of staff (Pastor Oderajo) assured the protesters that they will look into their demands and act on them accordingly.

See pictures below;

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