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Alfred Olorunsogo: Ona Ara Local Government And The Epic Struggle For Òkè Àkánrán

Alfred Olorunsogo: Ona Ara Local Government And The Epic Struggle For Òkè Àkánrán


Warsaw never saw war until the war entered Warsaw. Of course, I enjoy allusion particularly when semblance is shared with the present. That is why I argue most times that pasts are not truly passed but are always parts of present, therefore pasts are always alive. Without much knots, Warsaw is a capital of Poland and in the long history it was known for peace until the time Adolf Hitler marched into the peaceful city with matchless war that questioned the paraphernalia of peace. It is really unfortunate that Warsaw Uprising has not received the attention it deserves from the historians who ignore in archive the significant watermark in military operation among mankind.

Just like Warsaw, Ona Ara Local Government, the child-birth of Oluyole Local Government has always been peaceful but during every political phase it has always been a battlefield and this has always affected the choice of electorates in choosing the right man to steer the affairs of the local Government. This has raised many questions and the pundits leave no stone unturned to discuss in detail the theatrics of this political space and fate of the people in the midst of this.

In the midst of this all, fifteen aspirants or thereabouts are keenly contesting for the baton of the council secretariat in Òkè Àkánrán. But directly or indirectly the minions amongst these contestants are minused or reduced to barely minimum.

Hon. Musibau Adesina SANUSI(Shaba). Windapo Oluwole. Moradeyo Sikiru(M&S). Kolapo Temitope(Glorious).

These are the names that deserve discussion as far as the topicality of Chairmanship Election in Ona Ara Local Government is concerned. Hon. Musibau Adesina SANUSI popularly known as Shaba is the former caretaker Chairman and the Executive Chairman of Ona Ara Local Government who currently won a federal award as one of the outstanding Chairmen amongst the available 774 in the country. As an incumbent with much resources at his disposal is a timbre and calibre that cannot just be elbowed aside when issue of Chairmanship has to be discussed.

Windapo Oluwole is an another character in this political theatrics. He has been nursing this ambition for quite awhile. He contested the Chairmanship Post as a caretaker which Hon. Musibau Adesina SANUSI won eventually and didn’t take back sit when occasion called for Executive Chairmanship Election which he lost but was compensated with Secretary post in the Shaba-led Administration. He is the current Secretary of the Local Government. But the rumour has it that Windapo Oluwole is from Ilesa in Osun state who happens to be the son of an immigration officer and a close associate of the current Deputy Speaker of Oyo State House of Assembly, Hon. Muhammed Abiodun Fadeyi who is representing Ona Ara Local Government and has been alleged to hail from Ogbomoso. I leave that debate to the inquisitorial minds of Ona Ara constituents.


Moradeyo Sikiru(M&S)is another character that won’t be ignored. He was an ordinary automobile Mechanic in the local council who the fate smiled on in 2007 during Hon. Taiwo Oke-led Administration when he was made super for Health before he was made Secretary under Shaba during his stint as a caretaker Chairman. But I considered discussing his background when the news filtered that he is from Ikire. The rumour that stains his resume and that leaves many minds skeptical of his credibility as a candidate.

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Mr Kolapo Abideen Temitope popularly known as Glorious is another face in this phase that needs to be pasted. He is a proprietor of one of the most popular private school in Ona Ara Local Government situated in Fausin. He is an apologist of Peoples Democratic Party. But could one confidently call him a politician? I leave the answer to the inquisitorial minds of my readers. The rumour has it that like a confusionist he claimed to be an indigene of both ward 3 and ward 5 in Ona Ara Local Government. No way, if he should be a candidate then a ward would be claimed at last. But where is he really from and what has been his contributions so far to the party and what can you say to his candidacy?

However, we have come to this point when we need to choose the right man for the betterment of this local Government, Ona Ara for the posterity shall challenge many of us what our roles are when fate saddles us with responsibility to choose right without the Almighty decisions of some evil-geniuses called leaders who could lead us wrong again.

SOURCE: Alfred Olorunsogo Facebook Page

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