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2023: Do Oyo APC Need To Get It Right Or The Last Poll History Will Be, Anew? Pal.Solution Unfold The Sacrifices


RIDWAN A.A ( Pal. Solution)


A butterfly is a nectar-feeding insect of two large, colourful pair of wings. Catching a butterfly when young was always a fascinating sport, a butterfly dancing style is quite deceptive as one will wait for it to perch, meanwhile it will judiciously dance till it can’t be caught anymore. That’s exactly the state of Oyo APC, deception and charade of emptiness are wrangling around. Instead of there to be a rise from the ashes, the breeze still blows the ashes with guts. Being a grassroot leader of a young political minded, I am still learning from the hands of history and those who have preceded us.

2. Being a grassroot politician, I remember vividly when my principal informed us of our exodus into APC. Majorly, I didn’t want us to go back to PDP, despite been a conservative, because I believed the governor reneged in fulfilling the coalition agreement.

3. I heard of how Oyo APC treated our camp but I know of Oyo Central Senatorial District the most. In my camp, we don’t have much we are requesting from the party as regards candidacy, yet, there is no time aspirants extended hands of fellowship to the party that my camp won’t be available for a grandstanding in loyalty to the party, even, beyond what some aspirants show.

4. Never will I forget how we donated some amount in thousand to each of the chapters (LG) of the party in Oyo State while decamping, coupled with some free forms which the party were happy to distributed. I am aware of some people who felt that the distribution of the forms were not democratic. Despite this, my political mother secretly added more to what our camp initially planned for the party in our local government and that was how it was in some local governments also.


5. Moving to the party’s congress, despite my camp’s contribution to the party, it was an herculean task before we were able to secure a ward chairman and a women leader out of major 10 wards in each local governments. Our people are mostly considered for the last 5 political offices and at the end, the ward we have more executives the most is 3.

6. Well, we were encouraging ourselves that there is no victor, no vanquished because we look up to securing the government and party interest, because executives without government will earn no benefits. The party primaries emerged and we experienced doctored delegates list. Our camp is mighty on her own, we have who we supported, but, they undemocratically lost the tickets . The national special convention emerged and my leader and PM name was pulled out from the delegates list at the eleventh hour, so pathetic. Does Oyo APC intend getting it right at all?

7. Personally, I have lost and given out what should be mine because I belonged to the progressive movement. Last year, as a student, I deemed it fit to offer myself for service to lead the Oyo State Students’ but I couldn’t get there because I belonged to the progressive movement, the winners belonged to the ruling camp, everything works for one another in life, should they abandon someone who is loyal to them and go for me? Whose loyalty belongs to the other camp? I lost the contest honorably. During appointment time, despite my capacity I wasn’t considered for any of directorship position, yes, they still believed by so doing, I stand as a threat and it will hurt them. If I fit into their shoes, I may also do the same, they wooed me, but no, I work with ideology not interest alone, I don’t want to be a betrayer. Oyo APC are not aware we are paying such prices. Many of our APC brothers have had the same experience.

8. These days, when I am totally disturbed and confused, it was that moment my leader summon me for updating and to also give report, after giving me the update, she told me the state of things and what may likely happen. I gave her the report at my disposal and what we are experiencing, how those who clinched the ticket are intimidating our people at political meetings and functions, how they are oppressing us via social media and other platforms. We ended the day discussion with political orientation which we do once in a while, she taught me 3 ways of practicing conventional politics, she hasn’t even dropped her pen on the teaching when I adopted the first way. I needed my political peace, I have to adopt that, despite my extrovert status.

9. Since 2018, I have been building my personal political camp and submitting all my personal camp capacity under my political leader, I don’t use my camp to negotiate, if you will see us, you meet with my PM, my followers are submissive as I’m also. We enjoin any political party together, they never complain and their loyalty is intact, not that I’m giving them money or anybody is, but, they find loyalty, peace and love. In the last 2 weeks, I have being experiencing a great political depression because my loyalists emotional capacity can no longer accept what Oyo APC are offering, so, they needs vacation.

10. The only State muse is the State Youth Leader who encourages us from time to time and who has been a brother outside politics, if not, my political emotional carburator would have dried in totality, since a month ago. The opportunity given to me by Oyo APC youth leader strengthened my camp more and I have more genuine loyalists. My political presence in about 7 campuses in Oyo State rises to 11 affirmatively and 13 at large. I’m doing well with my people, they claim they love my style and never did they feel they needed politician money at the moment, yes, at times, those who are nearer get what we have in availability.

11. Two days ago, my Secretary and I were discussing, she stopped and told me, “Oga 4+4=8” I understood her very clearly and I replied her with “I love you dear”. She leaving me means I lost 40% of my Ibarapa strength. Is Oyo APC aware of this? Most of them have been dumping the camp we both labor to build, truly they duly me me inform and they will jokingly say, “Solution, You Are Not Contesting Now, So Lets Enjoy Politics Of The Day”.

12. Lets put politics aside, those who should be helping us with unionism prospect are in the ruling party, I believe leaving APC because of such isn’t good enough and they may also not trust me the most I love seeing people trusting me, but the question is “Isn’t not because of interest politicians decamp?” Our conventional politicians are moving up and down because of interest, I’m losing my strength because of ideology. I had vouched not to engage in any anti-party activities right from my first day in politics, should I continue with this mindset when I’m not experiencing the true democracy? Fuck!

13. Thanks.

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