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7 Natural Ways To Last Longer In Bed

7 Natural Ways To Last Longer In Bed

|Ibrahim AYANDARE|

The importance of sexual satisfaction in a healthy and happy relationship cannot be over-emphasized. Countless relationships and marriages have ended simply due to the inability of a man to sexually satisfy his partner because of premature ejaculation.

Stress, anxiety, depression, lack of confidence, ill-health and so on can result in premature ejaculation.

While premature ejaculation is frequently addressed with medication, there are natural alternative ways to improve your sexual function without resorting to medical treatment.

1. Engage in foreplay

One of the natural ways to last longer in bed is to prepare your body for sex through foreplay. Pre-penetration foreplay can help increase your partner’s enjoyment while delaying your own gratification. Some of the ideal foreplay examples include massaging, cuddling, petting, kissing, and engaging in oral sex.

2. Eat naturally sex-enhancing foods.

Eating certain kinds of foods can help to increase your sexual performance and make you last longer in bed. Natural foods like bananas, watermelon, spinach, avocado, red grapes, nuts are considered aphrodisiacs in nature, which make them enhance sexual performance.

3. Exercise

Keeping a healthy weight and exercising frequently can enhance your sexual performance. You could improve your cardiovascular fitness and increase your stamina in the bedroom. Engage yourself in some exercises that help work on your pelvic muscles, which include yoga, kegels, and pilates.

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4. Change positions during sex

Having sex in a particular position during sex can increase your chances of premature ejaculation. To last longer in bed, learn how to switch things up a little bit and try different sex positions. If you start feeling close to ejaculation, stop and switch to another sex position.
In this article, we will take a look at some of the natural ways you can get rid of premature ejaculation, last longer in bed and satisfy your partner’s sexual desire.

5. Cut down on smoking

If you are a chronic smoker, this may be the time to say goodbye to it if you are intentional about improving your sexual performance. Smoking can reduce blood flow to the penis, increase your risk of premature ejaculation, and reduce the quantity and viability of your sperm.

6. Cut down on alcohol intake

Too much of alcohol does not encourage sexual longevity as it is widely presumed, rather, it can cause premature ejaculation and other performance problems. Being drunk makes you exhausted and reduces your chances of lasting in bed. It can also kill the sex drive and longevity in the long run.

7. Stop and start method

This is done by stimulating your penis until you feel like having an orgasm. Then you stop the arousal for about 30 seconds, or until the sensation goes away. Restart the stimulation and repeat three or four times more before ejaculating.

This method will assist you in discovering your limitations and the maximum amount you are capable of pushing yourself. Knowing your limitations will help you maintain self-control before you reach a point where you can’t stop but ejaculate.

Credit: savvynewsng

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