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5 ways to make money on X in 2023


With the current economic situation in Nigeria, it is very important to have multiple income streams to beat the hard bites of inflation. For this reason, Tribune Online explores 5 ways to make money on the X app.

The X app, formerly Twitter, has, over the years, become the public space for different socio-political discourses. Although it is most popular for its socio-political impact, it also serves as a source of income for prolific users. Compared to social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube and blog spaces, only a few people have harnessed X’s economic opportunities. This is about to change as the new boss, Elon Musk, has changed how people can use the platform to earn more money.

Here are five ways to make more money on X, formerly Twitter, in 2023

Join the X ads revenue sharing program

The X ad revenue-sharing program allows content creators and the platform to share returns on advertisement. The ad revenue is calculated based on impressions (the number of times a promotional tweet is seen).
However, to qualify for X Ads Revenue Sharing, the account user must be 18, with at least 500 followers. You must be subscribed to X Premium (formerly Twitter Blue) or a verified organisation or affiliate. And you must also have at least five million organic impressions on all your posts each month, for the last three months. If you meet all these requirements, you can apply for the program and get approved to start earning.

Activate X-Tips

Similar to what you have on TikTok, verified users on X can receive tips, also called cash gifts, from followers or other people who enjoy or support their content.

To enjoy the X-tips, you need to be 18 years old. Then, you enable the feature on your profile by tapping the money icon on your profile page. This step will redirect you to the payment platform.

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However, you’ll only see the icon on iOS and Android, as it is currently unavailable on the web. X does not take a share of the tips received, although you may be charged by the third-party payment service you decide to use.

Open X Subscriptions

A third way to earn from X as a content creator is to create subscribed channels or spaces. Only loyal followers have exclusive access to tweets from you.

The perk is that your subscribers will have a badge whenever they interact with your profile. You can host subscriber-only Spaces and post tweets publicly, but only subscribers can reply.
You must be 18 or older with at least 500 subscribers to be eligible for X Subscriptions. You must also be subscribed to X Premium and an active X user. Creators receive 97% of the subscription revenue till the $50,000 mark, after which this percentage drops to 80%.

Affiliate Marketing

With affiliate marketing, you promote goods and services to your followers through affiliate programs and get paid a commission on sales from your ad. However, you need to find an affiliate programme that caters to your target demographic to begin using affiliate marketing on Twitter.
Once you sign up for a program, you will get a unique affiliate link for content (tweets). You will receive a commission on sales once a customer clicks on your link and completes an order. You need to promote goods that your followers will find valuable and relevant if you want your Twitter affiliate marketing to succeed.

Become a Twitter Influencer

Another way to generate income on X is by influencing brands. This is similar to affiliate marketing, the only difference is that you have to build your own brand and followership base to be an influencer that attracts brand patronage.

To be a Twitter influencer, you must produce audience-relevant content to engage your followers. You must also learn to collaborate with other influencers or brands in your specialised niche. Brands that choose to work with you will pay you to produce sponsored content, advertise their goods or services, or go to events and tell your followers about it.
As an influencer, you can enjoy all the other earning opportunities while also earning from brands that leverage your social status and influence.


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