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Governor Seyi Makinde’s strategic and forward-thinking approach towards creating a more accessible and interconnected society through the Omituntun bus scheme truly reflects his commitment to advancing the welfare and progress of Oyo State populace.

In a further effort to make the Omituntun bus scheme even better, the Chairman and Sole Administrator of the Oyo State Pacesetter Transport Services, Hon Dr. Salami Ibraheem Oladeji, recently met with investors from TSL Metroline Limited to discuss further about partnering together to achieve a better pacesetter transport system.


TSL Metroline Limited is a leading provider of transportation solutions in Nigeria. The company has a proven track record of success in providing affordable, reliable, and efficient transportation services.

Founded in 2001, the company has established a solid reputation for proficiency in the secured transportation of goods and products from source to end users across Nigeria, covering over 2.5million kilometers safely every month.

The company has a strong focus on innovation and customer service. TSL Metroline Limited is constantly innovating to improve its transportation solutions.

Apart from that, the company has a team of experienced and dedicated staff who are always willing to go the extra mile to help customers and a deep understanding of the Nigerian transportation market.

The Chairman and Sole Administrator of the Oyo State Pacesetter Transport Services, Hon. Salami Ibraheem Oladeji Dikko received on behalf of the Executive Governor of Oyo State Engr. Seyi Makinde FNSE investors from TSL Metroline Limited to discuss further about partnering together to achieve a better friendly pacesetter transport system.

He met with Mr Femi Sholeye, Mr Sola Iwasanmi, Mr Olufemi Ogunniyi and other team members on behalf of the CEO of TSL Metroline Limited Mr Deji Wright who came about two weeks ago where they had a robust conversation.

The Chairman walked them through the entire facility and made them realize a lot of potential that can be achieved by their partnership.


The collaboration between the Oyo State government and TSL Metroline Limited to develop a new bus system is expected to have significant impacts on the transportation sector in Oyo State. The new system is expected to be more efficient, affordable, and environmentally friendly than the current system, and it is also expected to create more jobs and boost the economy of the state.

Increased Efficiency

The new bus system is expected to be more efficient than the current system in a number of ways. First, the buses will be equipped with GPS tracking systems, which will allow dispatchers to optimize routes and reduce travel times. Second, the buses will have dedicated bus lanes on some roads, which will give them priority over other vehicles. Third, the buses will be equipped with pre-paid ticketing systems, which will reduce dwell times at bus stops.


Improved Affordability


The new bus system is also expected to be more affordable than the current system. The Oyo State government has offered to subsidize the cost of fares, which will make the service more accessible to people of all income levels. In addition, passengers will be allowed to save money on bulk purchases.

Reduced Environmental Impact

The new bus system is expected to have a reduced environmental impact compared to the current system. The buses will be equipped with new emissions control technologies, which will help to reduce air pollution. In addition, the buses will be powered by biodiesel, which is a renewable fuel that produces less emissions than traditional diesel fuel.

Job Creation

The collaboration between the Oyo State government and TSL Metroline Limited is also expected to create jobs in the state. TSL Metroline Limited plans to hire hundreds of people to operate and maintain the new bus system. The company is also planning to invest in new infrastructure, such as bus terminals and maintenance facilities. This investment will create even more jobs and boost the local economy.

Economic Impact

The new bus system is also expected to have a positive impact on the economy of Oyo State. The system will make it easier for people to get around, which will boost productivity and economic activity. In addition, the investment in new infrastructure will stimulate the economy to a positive end.


Governor Makinde’s vision and guidance play a pivotal role in fostering initiatives that benefit the community. Additionally, Dr. Dikko’s dedication to improving the Omituntun bus scheme is commendable. His continuous efforts to enhance the scheme show his commitment to making transportation even better for the people of Oyo State. By always looking for ways to improve the bus scheme, Dr. Dikko is actively striving to make commuting easier, more efficient, and more beneficial for the residents.

The dedicated team members at TSL Metroline Limited also deserve immense recognition for their unwavering commitment and tireless efforts in revolutionizing the state’s transportation system.

The commendable resilience and support demonstrated by the indigenes in welcoming and reaping the benefits of these transportation improvements have been truly remarkable. Their open-mindedness and adaptability in embracing these changes have not only facilitated easier commutes but also fostered economic growth and social connectivity within the region.

Through their active participation and cooperation, the community has displayed an inspiring unity, understanding the long-term advantages and embracing the positive transformations brought about by these advancements.



As we reflect on these collaborative triumphs, it’s evident that the positive impacts extend far beyond mere transportation upgrades. These achievements stand as a testament to what can be accomplished through collective determination and teamwork. The hope for the future lies in further advancements and ongoing progress within the state’s transportation network. It’s essential to continue fostering this collaborative spirit and leveraging it to drive even more innovative solutions, ensuring the sustained growth and prosperity of the region.

In closing, the efforts of Dr. Dikko, TSL Metroline Limited, and the local community members symbolize a profound success story. The positive effects of these concerted efforts not only enhance transportation but also lay the groundwork for a brighter, more interconnected future.

These collaborative endeavors continue to pave the way for further advancements, fortifying the state’s transportation system and enhancing the lives of its people for better for all. From what I know, a greater and better days ahead for the people as Mr Chairman is on the road to success.

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