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…….Long Queue in the few filling station that have fuel even with high selling price


According to Egalitarian Voice News findings, the ongoing fuel crisis in Ibadan has a greater impact on drivers and commuters as the product shortage gets worse.

Independent marketers are making more money from customers than major marketers, according to our correspondent who has been watching the situation in and around the city of Ibadan.

The majority of Independent filling stations in Ibadan charge between 250 and 300 naira a litre for their products.

The drivers who bemoaned waiting in line for several hours urged the government to address the crises immediately.

Additionally traffic jams were seen near the majority of the product’s filling stations and this hinder easy transport on our road.

The drivers observed that the citizen’s current economic position was difficult to tolerate in addition to the limited supply of fuel.

They argued that the transportation fare had increased by 70% as a result of the marketers’ increase in PMS price.

However, in Oyo town, where some gas stations sell between N220 and N240, the scarcity of premium motor spirit, popularly known as fuel, hits harder.

Our correspondent monitoring the situation reports that many commuters on Wednesday, especially civil servants and school children trekked to their various schools and workplaces a case study of Owode in Oyo town.

However, only Bovas filling stations are selling at N180 per litre to long queues of motorcyclists and motorists, obstructing free flow of traffic in the process.

Riders on the Okada and intracity bus drivers have increased their transportation costs by 50% as a result of the circumstance.

Residents who were affected by the situation requested the administration to come up and explain what is going on in order to prevent individuals from making false accusations.

This news medium recalls that, it became worse on Tuesday, the fuel shortage was first noted on Sunday.

However, government must arise to solve this horrible situation on ground to easy the citizens from unnecessary spending even when the country economy is worsen day by day.