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[Fact-Check]: 9 Things To Know About Late Raymond Dokpesi

The death of a Media tycoon and founding Chairman, Daar Communications Limited, Raymond Dokpesi was announced on Monday the 29th of May, 2023. His death was confirmed in a statement on Monday by his son and Chairman of Daar Communications, Raymond Dokpesi Jnr. Here are 9 things to know about late Dokpesi 1. He was […]

RAW-FACT: Story Of June 12 And Why It Is Now Called Democracy Day In Nigeria

Democracy Day in Nigeria is now being celebrated on the 12th. In 2019 was the first time the day has been marked on this date. And the change carries heavy symbolism for a country that’s known more years of being ruled by military men than by democratically elected leaders. Until 2019 the date on which […]

EXPLAINER: Story Of Lagbaja And Why He Cover’s His Face With A Mask

  Bisade Ologunde, known professionally as Lagbaja is a Nigerian musician and multi-instrumentalist known for his unique style of music, which blends Afrobeat, highlife, and traditional Yoruba music. He is also recognized for his distinct identity: he always performs wearing a mask that covers his entire face. Lagbaja can also be interpreted as ” Faceless […]


Yorùbá bò wón ní “Àgbàlagbà tó bá fàárò seré yíó fojó alé gbàárù àti pé apálará”, “ìgúnpá ni ìyekan ènìyàn”.  Ìdí isé eni ni a tí ń moni lóle. Ìdí pàtàkì tí àwon ìpéde wònyín ń fi Ìdí  rè múlè ni pé, Ìràn yorùbá féràn láti máa tepá mó isé. Yorùbá kórìíra ìwà olè àti […]


England is a country just as Nigeria, and its capital is London just like Abuja is the capital of Nigeria. Great Britain is a collection of 3 countries which came together as one country and has its capital as London. Those 3 countries are: 1. England, 2. Scotland and 3. Wales. When you include Northern […]

History of Abuja 

The land now called Abuja was originally the south-western part of the ancient Habe (Hausa) kingdom of Zazzau (Zaria). It was populated for centuries by several semi-independent tribes. The largest of the tribes was Gbagyi (Gwari), followed by the Koro and a few other smaller tribes. In early 1800’′s when Zaria fell to Fulani invaders, […]

8 Best Places To Visit In Nigeria

After a day or two, most visitors to Nigeria wish they had planned to stay longer in the country. Once they start seeing the sights, and meeting the people, they realize that there is way more to do than they had believed possible. Don’t make the same mistake – give yourself a long leash. For […]

15 Funny And Wise African Proverbs To Make You Laugh and Learn More

We present these hilarious and wise African proverbs that will be leaving you laughing so hard you might pee in your pants. Here are some hilarious African proverbs ever thought of from across the continent: 1. The man who marries a beautiful woman and the farmer who grows corn by the roadside have the same […]

FACT-CHECK: Lagos History Lecture

There are a lot of controversy regards the history of LAGOS, Southwest, Nigeria. EGALITARIAN VOICE learnt that the outcome of 2023 general elections in Lagos State, Nigeria had generates alot of controversial about who own Lagos, some even says “Lagos is no man’s land?” How true is this claim, follow the link below to read […]