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Cholera Spread: Fear of School Outbreak Rises as Pupils Resume

….UNICEF advises govt As the schools resume from the mid-term break and the Sallah holiday on Wednesday, there are fears the pupils may be at risk of contracting cholera, a food and water-borne disease caused by the ingestion of the vibrio cholera bacteria. Public health experts noted that the disease, which broke across the country […]

History: Biography of Alagba Adebayo Faleti

Adebayo Faleti, a Nigerian playwright and veteran broadcaster, was born on the 26th of December 1930 in Agbooye, Oyo State but he lived in Obananko, Kuranga near Oyo State. Adebayo is the first son of his father, Joseph Akanbi Faleti and the only child of his mother, Durowade Ayinke Faleti. Adebayo Faleti, from an early […]


History: TOP 40 BIGGEST CITIES IN YORUBALAND   The Yoruba are a people with a historical propensity for living in large urban centres. Yoruba cities have always been among the most populous in Africa. Today, around 11.5% of all West Africans are ethnic Yoruba while Yorubaland contains more than 30% of all Nigerian cities with […]

‘Nigeria We Hail Thee’ – Read Nigeria Old National Anthem Abolished In 1978

‘Nigeria We Hail Thee’ – Read Nigeria Old National Anthem Abolished In 1978 The House of Representatives and the Senate passed a bill on Thursday (today) to reinstate Nigeria’s old national anthem, “Nigeria we hail Thee.” Egalitarian Voice understands that the bill was swiftly passed through the first, second, and third readings within minutes. The bill sponsored by […]

History Of Oje Market In The Ancient City Of Ibadan 

History Of Oje Market In The Ancient City Of Ibadan According to the Gbonka of Ibadan, the market has been there since 1884 during the reign of Oba Oluyole. The name, Oje is derived from a town not far from Ijeru near Ilorin where many people were living in the 1800s. But when war broke […]


Unlike most Yoruba Obas who traditionally wear crowns made of glass or coral beads, the Timi Ede wear leather crowns (Adé Awọ Ẹkùn) which shows their Militaristic origin as warriors from the Oyo empire.  Ede was established in 1500 by Timi Agbale Olofa Ina under Alaafin Kori of Oyo as a warrior camp to secure […]


Omu-Aran town was founded five hundred years ago. The Omu-Aran community came into being as a result of outward movement from Ile-Ife. These outward movements of people were in four phases, and the one relevant to the people of Omu-Aran was “The Private entrepreneurial post Oduduwa Migration”. At one time in Ile-Ife, there was famine […]

[1966-1999]: History Of Military Coups In Nigeria

Nigeria’s political landscape has been significantly shaped by a series of military coups, which have played a pivotal role in the country’s governance since gaining independence from Britain in 1960. These coups were primarily driven by dissatisfaction with civilian rule, allegations of corruption, economic mismanagement, and ethnic tensions. Here is a detailed history of military interventions […]


UNDERSTANDING THE OYO STATE LOGO || BY MOE The shield represents our corporate amour for law enforcement and protection of the state… A Duty Government owes the People The Cocoa House and the University of Ibadan not only symbolize our chequered history as a state of many first but are iconic landmarks of intellectualism and […]